Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Inspiration- Photo App Discovery!


Thank you to my Scrap FX teamie Sparkling Gnome for letting me in on the coolest app yet- Lenslight.

I've had a week to play around with PicTapGo (another photo app) and have decided it rocks!
It's so easy to lighten or brighten photos on this app!

Michelle's top five all time favorite Apps:
1. Hipstamatic- for it's "Jane" lens and it's "Big Up" film that has yellow, pink or black borders.
All the photos below were originally taken with Hipstamatic and processed in another app.

2. Instagram- for sharing (I actually don't like IG filters at all- most are too dark)
I took this image during that magical time when the evening light turns gold.
The photo was enhanced using my new fave app- Lenslight.

3. PicTapGo- for fast and easy (and controllable) image editing.
This photo used to have bright pink borders from my Hipstamatic app.
The "Montecito" filter made it all dreamy and over exposed.

4. Lenslight- for funky light effects you can fade or change color.
I've been looking for a way to add "rainbow" washes on my photos for a while now.

There are "Bokeh" effects in many different shapes- they can be shifted around the screen and the color can be changed- pretty versatile- it has one major problem though-
the filters all degrade your already pretty low smart phone photos. Use sparingly.
5. PicFX for Bokeh you can layer.
This filter REALLY degrades imagine quality.
Keep that in mind when using it especially if you are
thinking of submitting your project for publication.
Magazines like to see clean and very crisp images.

My scrap space organization project is still under way.
I've been buying mists for 4 years now.
I used to keep items in different spots so it was easy to lose track of how much crap I have.
Then I ran out of space.
Ikea Rikka picture ledges to the rescue!
Estimated count: 28 bottles a shelf- 3 shelves= 84 bottles!!
Shock and awe!!! Many of these are still new and unused!!!
I had them in the bottom of an organizer and forgot they were there.
Hoard much?
Yet there is an explanation.
New colors come out every 6 months.
Simply buying each new color from 3 different manufacturers- Studio Calico, Tattered Angels and Ranger gets you these many bottles in 2 years.
I haven't bought any of the Tattered Angels chalk colors I want.
And now I CAN'T.
Because it's very clear- I bought too much already and need to use it.

New York City Manholes!!!
I've taken over 30 images of these the last couple of days.
I love their awesome radial patterns!
MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. gorgeous pictures! Have to come back and check out some more a bit later, because I've just bought my first Iphoe (yes, I know I'm a bit slow LOL). So I need lots of inspiration!
    Love your shelves :D But you have not any of the new Art Anthology I see, that's one more to buy (just not one, but four different kinds of paint and mists in several colors LOL) (just got 6kgs with yummy stuff for my DT work there)
    Have a gorgeous weekend!

    1. See? SEE? PROOF!! We so TOTALLY enable each other!!! :)) I actually have a very long list of new mist products I want to buy. SO the real goal is to use the HECK out of the ones seen here so I make space for new ones. HA! Thanks Marianne!

  2. You know what, I have a LOT of sprays (but not nearly as much as you) but every time I see someone else's collection I still WANT MORE! Isn't that terrible :D
    Thanks for the photo app rundown, I'm going to have to check them out...some very cool effects!

  3. HI Michelle
    Great blog and photos! I thought I'd let you know about my unique photography apps.
    They don't do effects, filters, etc...they are all about ideas and inspiration for taking photographs.
    Over 70 assignments for iphonographers(over 100 for the slr shooter version) and hundreds of thousands of random objects, combinations, and scavenger hunt items.
    There are free versions you can try as well.
    Hope you'll check them out!

    Noel Chenier

  4. Oooohhh ... more camera apps to try. Thank you for this low down!


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