Friday, February 15, 2013

Liquitex spray paint and Scrap FX chipboard scrapbook page

This is my annual I NEED SPRING TO COME ALREADY post.
The days are numbered for the cruelest time of year. YES!

To celebrate, I made a Michael's Crafts Store run and picked up some new toys to play with:
Liquitex acrylic spray paints in pink and yellow.

This is not a tool for the faint of heart.
For one it's HUGE!
12 ounces- compare that to the 1 or 2 ounces you get with a craft mist product.
There's enough paint in this can to cover several walls (or furniture- IDEAS popping!!!!)
Which is why it costs an arm and I leg I suppose- 11 dollars a can!

Four things I quickly found out:

  1. I definitely smelled the propellants used to make it go even though it's way more subtle than the MADNESS that is Krylon oil based spray paint. Use it in well ventilated rooms only.
  2. It tends to cloud up over your work area- this thing is under a lot of pressure and comes out FAST- be ready.
  3. The paint will mottle up, drip and make a hot effing mess so practice pressing the button gently before you use it on an actual project. Also? It dries slowly- GREAT for layering with stencils!!!
  4. Consider cleaning out your work area to give spraying upright onto the wall a try. I know- you saw someone spraying down onto the desk in a video- not recommended. Tape up some kraft paper and get ready to feel like a street bomber (graffiti artist)- TOTAL BAD ASS!

The result:
 Scrap FX laser cut chipboard products
Ruffled Feather model number 2012223
Remember The Time wordlet model number 2012359
Speech bubbles FabYOUlous model number  2012372
Some detail shots:
K & Company Handmade paper. So glad I kept this pad!
Pink feathers and doilies? Yes please! 
I'm playing it safe with this project but no apologies I freaking LOVE it.
I was reading some street artist message boards hating on the Liquitex spray paints.
I think this is intended for US- hobbyists, paper crafters, memory artists.
Whatever you want to call yourself.
Go out there and give it a go.
Friday five!
Inkadinkaclings rubber stamps. SO AWESOME!!!
The StazOn Dove Grey is THE color for tone on tone effects.
Sharpie white paint pen- mixed results when I tried it over the spray paint but it's still super fun to work with.
American Crafts jute twine- LOVE!!! Seriously!
The Crafter's Workshop tags stencil- this was a GENIUS idea from Julie Balzer.
I hope you have a great weekend!

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. Well, I think it looks really good! Always so fun to see your layouts as you're definitely not afraid to be bold!

  2. YEP!!! I love it toooooooo!!!!!! I also got a kick of reading your list of lessons learned :)

  3. VERY pretty this , i love the work of back and colors & layers.
    FAB :)

  4. I must get that template! Great layout and spray paint. Love the picture.

  5. Looove seeing us girls stepping out using different,totally fun products!! Michaels has the sprays on sale this week 30% off, totally wanting to give it a try :) This page makes me crush on the yellow!! Totally enjoyed the list of what nots:)

  6. Cool page! That yellow just pops it!

  7. Hey Michelle,
    Thank you for your lovely message on my blog today, it's really appreciated. The food posioning sounded awful.
    I love your blog post. I've never tried those paints before but really fancy giving them a go. I love that mask too x

  8. Really, really want to try this stuff. Love what you did with it. Love your honest as always opinion on it. Going on my shopping list ;)


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