Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heart on my sleeve- a Scrap FX page for Die Scrapperin Magazine

Hi there!

I made this page for the August 2012 issue of German art scrap magazine, Die Scrapperin.

I got creative with the  "graffiti" theme because attempts to make actual graffiti on a page failed miserably- an inability to draft letters and draw are some of the reasons I got into scrapbooking after all.

I'm really drawn to artists who add hand-made lettering and paint to their pages so I decided to cheat a little on my first try.

Here is the result:
I wish I had access to that concrete background more often- it's a bench in out favorite restaurant.
I used Scrap FX chicken wire and a Flair For Buttons triangle and Project Life badges on this page.
The clear letter stickers are from Cosmo Cricket- I love them!
For this page I tried out color dipping which was a trend at the time- not sure if people are still dipping their table and chair legs into gold or neon paint but I really liked the look.

The photos are of some stenciled posters which were everywhere in my neighborhood last summer.
Most of the empty lots where I live have now disappeared- walls that used to display colorful posters and graffiti are gone.

I'm sure most people welcome the change.
Most of what went up was scrawled names and badly rendered drawings of naked women anyway.
But occasionally something went up that made me stop and stare like I was in a museum.
I'll miss those moments.
The spotless and impersonal building lobbies that have replaced the walls have no art or style at all.
One of the last empty walls in my neighborhood.
Good thing? Maybe
I tend to think life is more fun with some color in it.
A friend posted this on her facebook the other day.
It really made me stop and think.
I berate my abilities and worry about my "next step" too much.

MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. This is really a cool page, both graphically in its design, and the urban subject matter you chose. Likin it!

  2. As always, I just love what you create! Also, loving the look of your blog :)

  3. Loving your new header!

    The only graffiti we get around here are scrawled tag's. So to see something like that would've made me stop and stare too.

    Love this page, am going to try a version of Project Life but more a monthly thing than a daily/weekly and I'll definitely be looking to you to get into my scrapbooking groove again. Has been yonks since I tried...

  4. Cool page - love the use of Flair for dimension!

  5. that is so rad! Wow!


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