Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You're KILLIN' me smalls! December mojo blues.

Here we go again.
I don't know what it is about December that just SUCKS the energy out of the right side of my brain- is that the creative side?
Whatever, I don't have the time to research it on the interwebs.
Just imagine a big empty cavern where all creative brain cells used to reside.

For the last week I've been shuffling paper around- the scrap corner is full of messy piles as I try to find materials that will somehow form themselves into an idea.
And that's the problem.
I'm sick of everything I'm making right now!
I SEE where I'm going wrong with my work- the bland color combos, the unbalanced design, the lack of crisp technical skills.
In one momentary respite, I made this:
A family tradition- get the craziest patterned paper you can find and wrap the front door. I found this AWESOME triangle and snowflakes print at TJ Maxx for 3 bucks. The wreath came together in about 2 hours- I got all OCD about the ribbons and wrapped it 6 times before I was ok with the result. Everything is attached to the foam wreath form with pins- I want to use all these materials again on a future project.
Materials: Foam wreath form, cheesecloth, yarn ribbon ball from Anthropologie (I got it for free with my purchase of a couple of ornaments- it's awesome), glitter pine cones and ball picks from Michael's, silver glitter reindeer from dollar store, 2 large feathers from ??? found them while "shopping my stash", large red/white twine from target dollar bin, gold leaf and ball ribbon from Etsy.
I'm insanely proud of it.
Perhaps I need to go 3d for a while and stay off scrapping till I get percolating again.
You know what makes it SOOO much worst?
I see the kick-ass work others are making and it makes me feel even MORE dull and obvious.
Comparison truly is the enemy of happiness!

My Mom has a saying in spanish that is making sense feeling right now:
Al que no quiere caldo se le dan tres tazas.
Those who don't want broth get three servings.
Which is my life right now- everything I didn't want is happening 3 times over.
Cavity? Sorry chick you need a ROOT CANAL. Another one.
Husband working during the holidays? New job has him 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.
Working furiously to keep up with deadlines? NO NEW IDEAS FOR YOU!

I think I'm going to spring for a class at this point.
It's obvious that I've reached a creative plateau and need community and the exchange of ideas to help me spark up the thought machine.

If you have suggestions for a good class or method to get your creative juices flowing please post a comment- I am willing to try almost anything at this point.
This little guy- in my brain! Stat!


  1. omgosh, I totally GET YOU!!! My creativity is zapped and I need oodles of it right now for deadline before the New Year. *hangs head* Sorry for the root canal and not seeing enough of your love.. hopefully things we'll turn around soon and percolating will take off! and PS.. that wreath and door.. love it!

  2. Your wreath is amazing and I love the door wrapping idea, lol! For me, getting some new product in my hands always helps me out creatively. And just going crazy with a project- that is when you see my more "artsy" side come out...it's actually my "I don't give a crap" side, lol!

    You asked about what I used as a binding agent on my canvas (I think you were asking about what I used to combine the glitter, beads, etc on those wire hearts?- if not, let me know!)~ I first applied gesso, then piled on the goodies, and then used glossy accents to seal them in. Hopefully this helps :)~

    Take care!


  3. I know exactly what you mean. I go through those funks too. What about treating yourself to some new supplies too? I did that today and I feel GREAT!

  4. Right there with you. Most if the time I feel like I have no mojo and I take way too long on a project. Comparing...it eats away at you. We all do it and I think is the worst thing we can do to ourselves.

    You, my friend are talented, make amazing creations I will tell you what u tell myself all the time. Do I love doing this? Yes have I had any success? Yes a plus and confirmation you are doing great work. Do I need to look away from the cool scrapers? Yes and do my thing. Do I like what I make no comparing? Yes. Is there really anything new? No

    And hang in! Yikes. A lot is going on in your life right now. Be easy in yourself.

  5. Oh Michelle, I hear you. I have been in the doldrums lately too. My dear friend is on a creative high these days and I am comparing my own creations (the same old same old) to her beautiful artistic discoveries and find myself lacking lacking lacking. I think I will try over the Christmas holidays to create something everyday and use some new techniques to boot. That has worked before. I loved your IE creation by the way so am hoping you can continue on that path!


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