Monday, November 26, 2012

Scrapping through your mistakes- a Scrap FX and Ormolu scrapbook page

Happy Monday morning folks!
Today I am sharing a page I did for Scrap FX using Ormolu products.
In case you haven't heard- Ormolu is having a DT call.
I applied.
I just love their products SO MUCH! I had to throw my hat in the ring.
Last terms' team was amazing but hope springs eternal and all that.

Page up:
Materials: Echo Park Boy's Life paper, Scrap FX  Mixed tags- kraft model# 2012042 K, Playground chipboard model#2012295, Playground alphabet- small Model# 2012306, Ormolu Bungalow Dots & Spots, Fact or Fiction Flappers, Line and Letter Storytellers and Bungalow Flappers.
My article for Scrap FX was all about mistakes made while this page as under construction.
I love the final product but even I must admit- my "mask" technique needs some work
Case in point:
A fine mist right over Lola's face. Does it bother me? Yes. Will it bother me a week from now?
We'll see. I'm already thinking it's no biggie but don't bother sending this in for publication without reprinting that photo.
Also- I need to work on my penmanship.
First draft off the page!!! This is a mistake of pure sloth.
Tonight I have some time to scrap again.
I will be using those new Studio Calico droppers and lots of gesso.
I've been making so many clean and simple pages lately I miss getting my hands dirty.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I sure did!
We visited the Empire State Building for the first time ever- I KNOW!


  1. ooooh, I hope Ormolu grabs you up! Love your page, mistakes and all :)

  2. Oh Ormalu soooo suits your style I think they would be crazy not to snap you up Girl!!!

  3. I love this color combo - one of my favorites - the magenta with the earthy browns and grays... so pretty. I am actually wearing the magenta color at this very moment. I know what you mean about just now going to the Empire State Bldg. My hubs and I lived in Orlando for three years. Did we ever go to the Magic Kingdom? You know the answer...

  4. Really love the flow of this page Michelle!! Thanks for visiting me this week!! :) made my day to 'see' you - really it did. I don't know what your talking about regarding your penmanship either - you need to embrace it because its yours - not a computers, not a typewriters - yours you hear me 'nuff said. ;) I love when people use their own handwriting because I think that is what scrapping should be about - us being us scrapping our memories they way we see fit. I hope Ormolu sees how truly talented and fab you are and if not well this lady does!! :) Hugs!

  5. Good luck with the DT call- that would be so much fun!

  6. Good luck with the DT call! I'm so behind, for all I know you're already on the team!! Your use of the title to create curves looks fab! And really, I've never seen such a cool structure?! Cool!


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