Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scrapbook Basics- Movie ticket and Broadway show stub page

I've been furiously working on my first client based scrapbook so I've been even MORE invisible and distracted than usual.
This is my first continuous scrapbook project- ever.

It's true.
I scrap.
I usually make 8 to 10 pages a month (which isn't much considering I'm on 4 design teams).
None of my personal pages ever make it into an actual scrapbook.
They go into a memory box or on several easels I have around the apartment.
So this project was a true challenge and very exciting.

Some facts:

  • My client has been saving all sorts of bits and bobs since high school. 9 years ago.
  • My client handed over a folder with over 50 movie ticket and Broadway show stubs dating back to 2005.
  • I have free rein over what will go in the design of the book as long as I don't go completely theoretical (you KNOW what my "theoretical" pages look like. This guideline was necessary.)

Not sure why this photo is out of focus- the file on my desktop is completely crystal clear. A reshoot is obviously in order.  For this page, I used a tape runners to mount the tickets onto an Amy Tangerine paper from the Ready Set, Go line and used a thin washi tape to define the borders. I think the black color is too strong. What do you think?
I turn in the completed assignment today and I really hope it is well received.
I am extremely nervous- what if my eclectic style doesn't fit the client's vision?
I didn't design a series of two pagers so no pages in the book "match".
There is no "page flow"- I wanted the book to look like something which took a very long time to make- years.
Isn't that photo the cutest thing EVER? They are SO HAPPY!
Ormolu tags bring s little more focus to the photo.
 I had to print it very small because of it's low resolution.
What I avoided:

  • Paint, drips, gesso and 3D flowers. (If I got the look wrong it would be a disaster)
  • Anything that would pop off of the page.
  • Using a bazillion products- I stuck to a "kit" to economize and to make things easier since I had 15 pages to make in 3 weeks (in addition to my regular assignments- no pressure!)

My experience:
The "kit" took the longest!!! The hardest part of the job by far.
The first page took 2 days.
I freaked out over "What would my client do?" and second guessed everything down to the choice of glue. GLUE!!!!!
It was a dark couple of days.
Keeping my young and urban client in mind, I used lots of bright pops of color and white space.
I snuck in some hearts, paper doilies and fussy cut flowers- you can't leave ALL romance out the book!!!
This was an amazing experience.
At one point (since I had no personal memories to get in the way) I was meditating on the beauty of family, love and tradition and all KINDS of ideas started to percolate.
Scrapping as yoga- believe it!

Gratuitous Lola SHOT!
Little miss is BRAVE. Here she is climbing rocks in Central Park.
I didn't take this photo. I am INCAPABLE of taking this photo.
 I would never let the kid get near that rock. Thanks Dave.
Fingers crossed.


  1. This is soooooo awesome, Michelle!! I think your client will loooove it. It's very young, hip, and urban chic. :) I miss you friend...and I'm so excited to see some of your work. It's wonderful that you're scrapping so much. <3

    1. Oh my goodness- I'm really sorry! I PROMISE to be more communicative!!! I just have to make the time!!! Hugs and thank you- I so need and appreciate your support. :)

  2. I like the black border and I think I'd use the same skinny tape to frame the central picture, tying it all together--like the picture is framed by a black-core mat made out of ticket stubs.

  3. This layout is really fantastic. Love the idea! Thanks for visiting my Blog and thanks for your sweet comments! It's such a good feeling.

  4. I think it looks awesome! What a tough job, I'm not sure if I could make books for other people, mostly because I think I am more a "scrapbooker's scrapbooker" and fear that others don't understand all the paint and drips and tearing and mess, lol! But yeah, you did an awesome job and I know she will love it!

    1. That is a fascinating point and one I wrestled with while making this book. On the one hand my blog and gallery served as my calling card and show that I frequently use paint and dark colors in my work so obviously my client wouldn't have minded if I took the project in that direction. I also didn't want to make this book about "my style" since it was going to live in some else's home- yet I used my favorite products and colors so it's actually very close to what I would do for myself- it was a very tight rope to walk and I really liked the final result. When the book gets handed over and the client gives the final ok on everything I will show the rest of the pages so you can see what I did. But thanks for the prompt on my next blog post Kelly- something to think about.

  5. This is the best! Love your layout! Great ideas!!! :D :D

  6. Well first of all CONGRATS!! on getting your first client! I can imagine how exciting yet stressful the whole process must have been...translating someone else's vision or having free reign with someone else's memories is no easy task! That said, I'll bet your client is going to love seeing all the cherished tidbits/photos FINALLY laid out page, after page! Big hug and congrats to you Michelle!

  7. How awesome! I can't imagine that she wouldn't be completely over the moon about this page and all the others! So exciting for you to be doing this! I do hope you will update us on her reaction?

  8. I think it's a really cool page. She will love it! :)


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