Monday, October 29, 2012

Thanksgiving place cards featuring Some Odd Girl digi stamps.

Good Monday to you!
Hurricane Sandy non-withstanding, I am going to share a tutorial I posted at The Odd Girl yesterday.

Kristy is running a full month of giveaways and tutorials so if you ever wondered how to use digital stamps or advanced Copic coloring techniques I suggest you swing on over.

I racked my brain trying to come up with a new and innovative way to use digi stamps (especially since I have ZERO Copic coloring mojo) when it occurred to me I hadn't seen anyone use digi stamps on vellum.

Vellum's slick surface makes it hard to print from home because the ink takes longer to dry.

Well, there's a fix for that- heat emboss it!

Some Odd Girl Turkey stamp is the cutest thing EVER!!!!!!
Swing by The Odd Girl to get the How-To details!

View from our fire escape.
The winds shouldn't be a problem but the storm surge could be quite bad.
I sent Lola to my Mom's for the next couple of days but Dave and I decided to tough it out at home.
We thought we were Zone A which is under mandatory evacuation but apparently once you cross the street from the park in this photo you're in Zone C. ???!!! How does that even work?
Does water cares that you are on a higher plane just 10 feet away??
In any case, it allowed us to stay. If it gets bad, we are taking our bikes across the Willamsburg Bridge.
I know that sounds INSANE but trust me- it's easier than braving traffic. Ever seen the stuck cars in a zombie flick? That's Brooklyn under an evacuation order. Bikes are small and wily and we ride like maniacs.
Stay safe out there, mi gente.



  1. Your place cards are so cute! That's some picture. I have all of the blinds closed but I can still see the trees swaying from my computer chair. The wind is whipping like crazy. Stay safe.

  2. Cute project chica, but seriously be safe over there! Hey stop over for a little visit, I have something over there for you ;D

  3. Our prayers are with you and your family. All we see is what all the news stations are's truly incomprehensible.

  4. Very beautiful photo! I can't imagine what you've been through the last couple of hours... I've followed the news on swedish TV, and it sure looks like no fun at all to be in NY right now... Hope you and your dear ones are safe!!

  5. That is SO clever! Love!


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