Sunday, June 17, 2012

Learning, playing- working? YES! It's possible!!!

One of the reasons you don't see me around as much lately (sorry!) is that I got a paying gig!

I'm now working at Paper Source!
Can I hear a "WOOT! Woot!"?

Paper Source isn't your typical crafty shop- I am amazed by the depth of their crafting collection.
Sure they sell paper (gorgeous artisanal paper) but they also sell all kinds of paper crafts tools and materials I haven't gotten around to discovering yet.

I wanted to share just a few of the projects I get to make during my rigorous training- seriously guys- it's like crafty boot camp (without all the shouting and dropping to do 250 push ups).
Like a fish needs a bicycle notebook
Materials: Paper Source Nautical and Bicycle wrapping papers, Zutter Bind It All (I got to use it for the
first time ever. I MUST have it!!!!), Paper Source card stock in Pool, Uni Ball silver gel pen,
Fiskars 1 inch circle punch and hole puncher- brand unknown.
Wedding Invitation Suite.
 I had an hour and 20 minutes to come up with a design and incorporate it into an Invite with envelope, RSVP card, table tent, place card and favor box- it was bananas! I tried to keep it as simple as possible. I didn't include the favor box as Lola promptly destroyed it thinking there were chocolates inside.
Materials: Paper Source Luxe card stock for the A7 envelope, pocket folder enclosure invite, 4 bar folded card and envelope as well as table tent. I also used a cherry blossom stamp, Ranger Queen's Gold embossing powder and Mums Gold on Cream Lokta fine paper. 
I learned to bind my own book! I also want to learn how to sew the actual interior pages
together but this is a start- best of al it was easy to do this with the Paper Source kit-
 everything is measured and cut out- all you need to do is put on your brave "I can handle wet
glue" face. Italian coast map print paper! SWOON!
Best 2 hours I've ever spent at "work"! I learned 3 new stamping techniques and so much about inks and
 embossing it was embarrassing. Did I think I was an experienced scrapbooker? HA!
I definitely recommend you swing by your local Paper Source branch and take this class!
So can you believe I just learned to wrap a gift properly? Yup! I failed at wrapping before
 but now I WIN. I also learned to make perfect bows which solved a life long dilemma and MAJOR
 pet peeve! LOVE IT!
On my shopping list right now:

  • Faux Bois wrapping paper
  • Zutter Bind It All Machine and 1 inch black wire
  • Color Box Pigment ink (slow drying so perfect for embossing effects)
  • Versamark embossing pen (love!)
  • Cherry Blossom stamp
  • Lokta grid and batik papers
  • Super tacky double sided tape in 1/8 and 1/4 sizes so I can add some glitter stripes to everything I make
  • Goldfish stamp (ZOMG!!! TOO CUTE!!)
  • Sakura Souffle pens- Puffy NEON color pens?? MUST HAVE!!!!
  • Savoy 100% cotton 8 by 11 cover weight pack (a MUST HAVE for water color and embossing projects)
  • Extra fine embossing powder in clear and black
  • Paper Source mixed color cardstock pack (loved playing with different color combos- everything goes together)

So enough salivating for now. THANK YOU Shanti for recommending me- you have a loyal friend for EVER! :)
ALSO... (OOOPS!!!)
Happy Father's Day everyone.

Bokeh effect!! FINALLY! PicFX app.

MuChOS SmOoChEs!


  1. Congrats on your new job Michelle!! Love everything your making and hope you will teach us how to tie a proper bow :) hugs

    1. You know what? I will make that my next post! :) It's so easy you could have literally knocked me over with a feather!

  2. Felicidades amiguita en tu nuevo trabajo!! y que divino que tiene que ver con nuestro "hobby" Muy lindo todo lo que hicistes. Me imagino a Lola rompiendo la cajita y su carita al ver que no habian chocolates, ja,ja!! Que todo te vaya muy bien en tu nuevo job! Un abrazo!!! :)

  3. gah! soooo jealous! i used to live right by a paper source and i totally loved that store...go you!

  4. I've never been in a Paper Source store, but I searched it up and, boy!, there are a ton of them! Sounds like a really cool place, and congrats on your job! Kid minding the candy store, eh? Haha! Alas, it's an hour to my closest one, but sounds like it's time for a mini road trip! Those wedding pieces you designed are so beautiful!!!

  5. YAY!!!! CONGRATS!!! Much deserved!

  6. Congrats on your new position- I'm sure you'll do very well!
    Although I love living in the middle of nowhere, it sure would be nice to be able to take a class or two- I'm sure we'd all be amazed by what we don't know. So I guess I will just have to continue trying to teach myself and discover things on my own...
    Take care :),

  7. Awesome gig, sounds like a fun job! Paper all day long wowser! Knew you 'd love the BIA, it's my favorite scrappy tool. Hoping you'll teach us your stamping finesse...I need all the help I can get! Great Father Daughter shot, BTW!

  8. Thats awesome! You DO need a Bind it all....its one of the best machines I own and I use it a lot! You would put it to great use!

  9. Paper Source would be a verrrrry dangerous place for me. But oh how fun and inspiring. I hope you are able to bring some money home. I would only bring home paper - lots and lots of paper.


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