Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Everyday Stories blog hop WINNER

I'm SO evil!
I'm forcing you to read my actual blog post to find out who won the Everyday Stories blog Hop e-book prize.
Don't worry- it's a short post.

It's a crazy week around here!
Tomorrow Wednesday, May 3rd starting at 6pm I am part of the SCRAP FX blog hop! 
Woo hoo!
You'll have 2 chances to win scrappy goodies if you follow or leave a comment.

Some photos:
GRAND PRIZE- what you get if you follow each blog in the hop
100 dollars worth of chipboard goodness, most not available in the US yet.
Wedding Theme mini pack
What you get if you are a followers (new or old) of My Analog Life
I'm so in love with my project- it's meant to be a gift for Mother's Day- I may have to keep it.
I am a Mom after all!

 Miae is the lucky winner of the Everyday Stories e-book prize on this blog! YAAAYYY!

To everyone who swung by for yesterday's Everyday Stories blog hop- THANK YOU!
I hope to see you again!

MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. awesome sneak!!!!!!

  2. Oh Hooray!! Thanks Michelle :D Will send you my deets! And my my that ScrapFX prize looks scrumptious!

  3. Fun!! Looks like a cool project!

  4. Ooo! Can't wait to see that frame in total! So cool! Congrats on the ScrapFX DT!

  5. Following you on Pinterest now, too! I may never get up from this computer again!


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