Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scrap FX. RAD awesomeness- scrapified!

Scrap FX is having a design team call.
Their first ever.
This. is. monumental. Exclamation points. Many. Lots.
I love Scrap FX product. As in, I LOVE it.
I don't USE it.
Like my Mom collects Lladro porcelain.
Like a jealous squirrel preparing for a long winter.
Have you ever gotten between a squirrel and her winter hoard?
It's not pretty.
Squirrels are TOUGH and they jump pretty far.
A chittering squirrel advancing upon you in short barky hops is TERRIFYING.
You know it's giving you the old-school dress down.
Especially Manhattan squirrels- such SNOBS.
5 projects are needed for the application.
This is my first:
You'll be able to see this page in the August 2012 issue of Scrapbook Trends Magazine
I've had that New York chippie in my stash since summer 2011. I bought it in Salt Lake City for 5 entire dollars.
Yes that's FIVE DOLLARS. FIVE! I loved it too much it had to be mine.
Materials: Scrap FX New York Chipboard,  Jillibean Soup Fresh Mushrooms paper,  Sassafras Lass In Retrospect paper (diamond stars), bicycle clip from World Wide Co, Studio Calico Awesome stamp, American Crafts Zing powder in black, Ormolu chevron fabric flag, tin pin and "cool" spot, Amy Tan hearts fabric strip and "wish you were here" sentiment, My Mind's Eye journaling card, white acrylic paint for splatters

I have weighed the ramifications stemming from an application for weeks.
Do I have the time to participate?
Do I have good ideas to to share and break out into tutorials?
Am I able to sell the product in my writing because I use it and love it so much?
Yes, yes, Oh HECK yes!
Am I awesome enough?
White acrylic paint watered down just a bit. All white colored
mist products just disappear into kraft card stock.
That last question is of most importance. I can't really answer it.
I have decided to just go ahead and throw my hat into the ring anyway.
Fingers crossed they will like my artsy urban Brooklyn girl style.
Things I love:
Insta frames, stamps,  iPod photos, the word awesome, woodgrain,
arrows, fabric embellishments, pop up elements and kraft paper. 
If you haven't heard of Scrap FX before, let me show you why I love them so much
(All product photos copyright Scrap FX).
These are my favorite products from the latest release:
Brick pattern good for mini book covers, misting to use
as a template or RAD city life themed projects!
Chicken Wire- I like to break these up and add them as layering to a page.
 Like here: (click on this link- please? smiley face)
I love all the different styles in this mini pack.
Great for adding emphasis to journaling,
pointing out the funny bits in a photo or to sprinkle
on a page to give it graphic UMPH!
Ampersand. Scrap FX offers an ampersand pack with
a different fonts- imagine that!
You could sprinkle them all over the page like HERE
The deadline is March 9th.
Are you awesome enough?
I think you are.
Go on and apply.
Here's a US distributor if you need to hoard up.

New Hipstamatic Loftus lens and DC film from the Foodie SnapPak.
LOVE the lens blur and crisp color!
MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. I definitely think you're awesome enough, but you know that already! I've hoarded these chipboards as well, but never used them - and sadly, I just gave them all away! Ohnoes!

    I'm always so scared of trying out for DTs. I do try out, but I'm seldom picked. It's daunting throwing your hat in the ring, but I applaude you for doing so and wish you all the best - I hope you make it!

  2. This is most beautiful in the world!! Awesome!!

  3. ooooh, I have never heard of them before - and YES, you are awesome enough! Your projects look awesome and I have no doubt they will LOVE them! Good luck!!! Off to check out that goodness and prob buy some!

  4. You have a unique style that's lots of fun to look at! Glad you are applying -- it's not a question of whether you're good enough (you are definitely DT material), just whether your style is what they are looking for. Good luck!!!

  5. wow this is a REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY good page! (That doesn't mean you're falling short of awesome by just one or too 'reallys' by the way, I just wanted to emphasise my sincerity by not using the overused 'AMAZING'!!! I love the muted wood and yellow - very interior design-y - and it just makes me happy to look at it! You are so on a roll! They betta pick you! x

  6. O0o0o I <3 it!!!! You will make it, your layouts are amazing-- <3

  7. They just started getting scrapfx stuff at my lss and it is very cool, and you have used it amazingly!

  8. Oh my gosh you are the most awesome person I know. And ScrapFX is so in your pocket, that page is BA!!

  9. Go for it. I think you do awesome work. And this is one of my fave layouts. Ever. ^_^ Good luck!

  10. Oh no. Another product I want to try. LOL. Thanks for sharing. The layouts look great!

  11. the photobooth was at country club in brooklyn. :)

  12. Good luck!!! You are SO awesome, so clearly you are awesome ENOUGH! You have AWESOME spewing from your every pore! (Sounds gross, but is truly a good thing. I wish I had a bit of that. My awesome tend to disappear into the kraft cardstock too often! lol!) Oh, and not only is your scrappin' mojo AWESOME, but your honest and enthusiastic product love is super catchy and any company would be lucky to have you using and touting their shtuff! You GO GURL! ;)

  13. You are definitely awesome enough! Great work. Your layout is super cool. Wishing you the best in the call.

  14. Your layout is AWESOME! Love it! Wish you the best of luck in being chosen! I especially love the picture of your cutie-patootie! :-)

  15. Saw this on my phone and couldn't wait to get home to comment! You are sizzlin...its like every new page is a new fave for me! You are...(and I do overuse this because I need to broaden my vocabulary) AMAZING! I'm really not just saying this! I've been a fan of yours since the beginning of my scrappin journey, and you've never let me always inspire!

  16. OMG the chicken wire!!! ::dies:: I LOVE this page, like, seriously love. Good luck with the application!

  17. that is a great page girlie! I love reading your posts. You write so wonderfully.

  18. I'm glad you are trying out for the team. This is just amazing Michelle! I love the entire composition...the photo placement, the paint splatters and that New York chippie [I would have paid for it too!].

  19. Saw this on FB too and wanted to post right away..."HECK yeah" in answer to your last question :) Crossing my fingers for you!!

  20. Girl, you are on a roll! This is AMAZING too!

  21. This layout is so freaking cool Michelle! I just saw it over at 2 peas in the top most liked. You totally rocked this girl, congrats!!!


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