Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fun news! Ormolu reader feature

Just wanted top drop by and give a small toot that I'm featured over at the Ormolu blog today.
I LOVE Ormolu products- they are the perfect small size, super bright and GREEN!

This page caught me completely by surprise.
I started by getting all Jackson Pollock on a piece of Jillibean Soup kraft paper and almost threw it out when I thought it looked to messy.
I starred at it for a while telling myself- SELF- YOU CAN'T THROW THIS OUT!! That paper was a DOLLAR.
I'm kinda strange.... But you knew that.
I then added the tone on tone Scrap FX chipboard which immediately focused the page and added the Studio Calico stamp on the bottom right to anchor the design.
The Sassafras Lass triangles went next to add some contrast to the chipboard and lastly I added the night photo, Ormolu "Super cool" tag and fabric flag on top to give it more pop.
The paint is watered down acrylic- the only thing that will show on kraft
I took apart an Amy Tangerine layered embellishment for the
"wish you were here".
When I was done I realized I was working with my lizard hind brain again- going forward with no real plan.
Very cool.
So thank you Ormolu- I got a lift on a rainy day!

Learning to skip rocks.
MucHoS SmOoChEs!


  1. going forward without thinking always works for you! I always love when you do stuff like this! awesome shizzo girl!

  2. AWESOME!!!!! you deserve it!

  3. That is great!!! Woo-hoo! Congrats. Oober cute toddler pic too ;)

  4. You're layout totallly rocks! I love that SC stamp, which I have missed everytime they put it in the shop :(...
    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration and cute toddler pics brighten anyone's day :)

  5. Okay...
    First of all...I am now following your blog. I couldn't resist. I love your work and I love how absolutely cheerful and cute you are. Tehe!
    Second - this layout is fabuuulous! Seriously, very awesome.
    Third? The toddler picture is all to sweet! What a perfect picture.
    Fourth? Following you on twitter now too. Huzzah!

  6. Woot! Congrats to you, and congrats to Ormolu for having someone rock their products the way you do! Great LO, your writing always makes me smile, and the gratty toddler pic? Darling! And look at that skyline? When I look at that pic I think, Wow, Lola is growing up with that. So cool!

  7. Love seeing my City in your layouts. They are always so great! Good job!

  8. When I saw this at ormolu, I was so thrilled that your awesome work was featured. Can't even imagine you were going to throw it out, silly girl...this is awesome!


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