Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When your mojo goes on vacation- shoot photos!!!

The wall- I've hit it.
All my former "no mojo" fixes are out the window.
I'm supposed to be working on a page for Punky Scraps that is due by thursday- so I will TRY to eek something out tonight- it might be hideous.
I'm determined to work through this dry spell!!
Here is an attempt to stamp my way out:
Foiled AGAIN by the ipod's low resolution camera! 
THANK YOU to Adele H. for recommending I check out Nat Kalbach's Creative Jump Start. I joined up today and was rewarded with a GREAT video from fave artist Louise Nelson (YAAYYY!)
If you guys are also hitting a wall, I suggest you swing by and check it out- it's free. (best price ever!)
Today I took photos at a place I have ALWAYS wanted to visit-

Keith Haring's "Crack Is Whack" mural in East Harlem. This is a DREAM COME TRUE! I've been wanting to go for YEARS. It's right next to the FDR so it's hard to get there via public transport but we managed it.

The 80's in the Bronx were like the wild west- with zombies. Burned out apartment buildings, crack vials littering the playground, junkies with half closed eyes walking in circles on the sidewalk. Our neighborhood is actually one of the better ones in the area and my parents did their very best to shield my siblings and I but we still saw a lot. So this mural has a lot of meaning for me. And it's freaking AWESOME.  Can't you just HEAR "White Lines" by Grandmaster Flash playing softly in the distance?

I have to keep reminding myself that there are many ways to stay creative. There's no need to panic. Creativity ebbs and flows- the ebb part sucks.
I also finished my December Daily! YAY!!!
12/24/11 My brother treated us all to the Christmas Ever performance of
The Nutcracker Suite at Lincoln Center- AWESOME!
BY this point the pages had stopped matching- I just grabbed the prints I liked best.
My FAVORITE image from this year's holiday take. I didn't have space inside
so I added it to the back cover.
There's 4 more pages but these are the best bits. Years from now I will look through it and laugh at the first pages being so beautifully detailed and the last so obviously slapped on quickly. I did make sure to take time to journal. I really enjoyed the process of making a holiday mini book. I see many more in my future- if for nothing else- to have a reason to buy KEUUTE holiday themed stash.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. That mural is amazing and made some great photos! I have had no layout mojo lately, but I can still make cards at least. That's how all my minis are, I have a real short attention span and after the first few pages I just want to do something else.

  2. Such an amazing mural!!!
    I think that everyone goes through slumps for sure.
    Or gets burned out. I know I have!
    But somehow I always manage to get it back.

    And your December Daily is fabulous!

  3. Man, that place looks so cool!! Love the idea of taking pictures when your mojo is low! LOL!! Congrats on getting the DD done!

  4. Fantastic murals. Would love to go to NYC some day! FUN album. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I stiiiiiiill haven't finished my DD, but know I will one day... I love yours, though! :)

  6. Great pictures and I love your last pages - well done on getting it finished!

    Sarah x

  7. Your December Daily turned out great! Glad you journaled a lot -- that to me is what makes a layout or a project a treasure. Glad you are enjoying Jump Start. And I bet sometime we will see a project by you inspired by some feature of that interesting mural!

  8. Oh girl, I feel you! I'm looking for my mojo blog post today was a painful lament of a similar issue! But you went and took Natalie's advice, that's awesome! Love your photos..thanks for sharing...!

  9. At the moment I am just pasting stuff into my sketch book. Counts as creative right? And have also signed up to Tag Tuesday - meant to get you practising your techniques in small scale. (Found via Jo's blog!)

    Love that wall, well worth the effort getting there. I'm now going to have White Lines stuck in my head all day. Thank you very much missy!

  10. Hello Michelle...from Winnipeg!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me your thoughtful comment! Your DD looks fabulous as well! Seeing that mural makes me want EVEN MORE to visit New York! Good or bad, there is so much vivid LIFE and culture there, truly an inspirational place to live! (one day...)
    I'll come back and visit your blog often!

  11. bring me there BRING ME THERE!! i love that wall!! and girl, your DD is looking amazing!! the dry spell? try not to acknowledge.. ignore and create!! you'll do awesome!! *hugs*

  12. wow, love that december daily, and the pics from harlem...great inspiation :D
    hugs Felicitas

  13. Michelle, I love your album! And I think this wall is awesome, I saw it on ur instagram. Have a fab day! Janna


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