Monday, January 30, 2012

Project Life (or 365) and why it matters

I'm seeing lots of scrappy goodies in all my CHA spying! So far I'm most inspired by what I see from Hambly- I love the bright color, the trendy prints. I'm also super excited by the new Crafter's Workshop stencils and Heidi Swap's Pink Paislee collections. (Office supplies in neon? LOVE!)
Quickie page made with a pad I found in Staples (while shopping for a new computer chair)
75 pages of these awesome mini goal pages- so ready for a mini book!
I wish this notebook was 3 by 5- it's PERFECT for Project Life! Alas it's 5 by 7 so I will be adding these pages to my Project 365 binder sans page protector.
Here are my 2 latest pages for 365.
Week 3- Lola turned to me one night after having spent 3 days indoors due to poor weather and asked- Mom let's go on an adventure. And pointed outside. She's TWO! I blame PBS! So I had a total brain wave- how do I make Lola's idea of an adventure more visual? A wheel of fortune! But mine is made from a View Master reel- (my latest obsession) This also covers visits and phone conversations with Grandma, the birth of a new niece and my visit to the Art Library.
Week 4- This week's highlight was a visit to The Highline Park- a park made on an old elevated train track. (!!) LOVE that place! I feel like I'm in some sophisticated European city without ever leaving the L line!  I also shot Lola eating sushi, journaling about our wonderful (not) trip to the Food Stamp office and the first snow day this season. 
I've been shooting every day and really wish I had pages that allowed for more detail- isn't that funny? I thought I would be hurting for "stories" but to an open mind (rather a blabber mouth) stories are EVERYWHERE. I'm seeing some debates on whether Project Life interests people outside the subject's immediate family.
After all, do you really want to see us brush our teeth?
Here's my theory- my own family doesn't care! Seriously! I couldn't get my Mom or husband to look at my binder come hell (pizza) or high water (beer) so I'm shooting just for me. In fact I think of my binder as my personal diary even if I post it online- here's why:

There are some very real reasons why doing a Project Life or Project 365 type projects is good for you-

1. Commitment and responsibility towards growth in your craft. Yes you can fussy cut, layer and embellish like a mad woman but can you finish an extended project? Why not? Things that make you go: hmmmm. Not a judgy HMMM!!!! Just Hmmm?
Week 1 (redo)- week one always bothered me- the canvas heart I thought was DA BOMB- well- bombed. 
So I took it out and you know what? It's fine! Still can't get photos of this page to focus!
2. Keeps you shooting. Do you think your life is boring? Who's fault is that? Sorry- it's YOURS. Make your life the FUN READ it is! No don't shoot the feet again! Don't shoot that cup of coffee- AGAIN. Find the individuality in your routine! Do you wiggle to top 40 songs while doing the dishes? HELLO? Put that camera on a timer! No kids? I already have one I want to see YOUR kidless life! Lots of kids? I only have one, wanna see how you manage yours! SHOOT YOUR STORY!
Squishy hats- I love 'em! Do you care? Probably not. But that's ok.
3. Gives you "ideas"- I will say it right here right now- your Project Life DOES NOT have to look like everyone else's! Does your LIFE look like fill-in-the-famous-scrapper's name here? NOPE! But does that make it less valuable? NOPE!!! You rock. You are unique and your story IS interesting- use your individual verve and humor. Be frank. Be introspective. I believe your kit can set you free! Just paint outside the lines a bit and you'll see! Uhhhmmm- channeling Dr. Seuss there for a bit.
I got several ideas making my latest page:
This first started as a chart, then turned into a "Ooo let's use that Studio Calico stamp!"
then I thought- here's something I haven't seen yet! I didn't even have to buy anything-
that's a scan from an old View Master reel!  Project Life keeps your creative flow going!
I really wish I had done a Project Life for Lola's first year- it would be SO AWESOME to look back on her first days now with full notes. A kit would have been PERFECT for me then too- I was so confused by all the scrap product choices to be made!
AAA! Look at that perfectly round head!! 2010
Ahh well. That's life.
A long walk- recorded. 
When you're ready. You're ready.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. woah!! totally hear your 'just be you and be proud to be you' call - and the 'just do it for you' too. I love your viewmaster reel and it seems with this project that your mojo is well and truly back and overspilling! you're right, it's all these little tiny stories that get forgotten if they're not recorded. i'm often inspired to make something because of something the husband remembers about us (and I've forgotten) - memory is not perfect, so diarise it!

  2. The view master reel rocks! beautiful pages, and I always love reading your posts!

  3. I'm with you, just do it even if it's for no other person than yourself. These look great!

  4. A-damn-MEN! I hate the copy cats and cookie cutters! UGH! BOOORRRRING!!! My life is a mash-up of insanity, love, wrecking balls (kids), good days, and "birth control days (why didn't I use it??!!!). I'm totally with you. If you are not doing these things and recording these things for YOU, then what in the blazing hell is the point?!

    Fantastic little pages. I love how it's YOURS, YOU, and YOUR STYLINGS. To hell with the cookie cutter masses! **whew** rant over. ;)

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  6. Awesome job and I like what you had to say about Project Life. I'm not doing it this year but I'm super intrigued by everyone's takes on it.

  7. I love your enthusiasm for this's definitely contagious!!

  8. my life is boring, but still worth documenting. Your life is exciting and so is your PL!!Oh yea and you won a little something on my blog today! hugs :)

  9. I love this! I especially love this quote : If you don't want anyone to find out, don't do it! FABULOUS! Love Penny

  10. Well...yours is looking really good! You're right...why try to be like everyone else...your life and your experiences are unique to you. Enjoy the process. I love your style!:)

  11. Thanks for this! What a refreshing take!

  12. You are awesome. Oh yeah! I said it!!!!
    You're right.. we don't have anyone to blame but ourselves for not having a more fun life. I LOVE your pages!!!

  13. Thank you, Dr. Seuss, for making me smile and think my life might be interesting after all :)

  14. LOVE your STYLE and your WAY OF THINKING!!

  15. A very well argued post :) I'm loving the viewmaster reel. If only I could find the one I used to have many years ago..

  16. love your PL!!! I came across your work on Flickr. great job :)


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