Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wreath Alchemy! Christmas goes Gauche

I have been remiss.
Did you know I write for the Gauche Alchemy design team blog?
Probably not, I never mention it.
Can I offer up a crap excuse?
I have an incredibly hard time writing about other people's projects!
Not because the projects aren't fabulous but because they always are!
It takes me a while to come up with different ways to say- "This is beyond awesome! Look what my fellow team member did- OMG she's the CHEESE!"
(That last part because I really, really love cheese)
But I will change my ways as of now.
Yesterday I posted my 2011 wreath.
This one.

Which came from this Martha Stewart kit:

I tried SO HARD to make mine look like Martha's!!!
EK Success holiday craft kits do not come with detailed step by step instructions (their instructions are just like Ikea ones- all drawings and NO SENSE) so I used up a lot of the large grain glitter on a few leaves and the result was quite fug.
After much raving over my ineptness, I broke out the corrugated board, my fave mists and the music paper from the Gauche Alchemy Bare Nekkid paper kit (FAVE KIT EVER!) and went to town.
The Martha floral tape also killed my joy for a few days. The leaves kept falling off the freaking form! I was ready to drop kick the entire thing out the window.  So I declared a truce, used red punchinella, some hot glue and thusly preserved what was left of my sanity.
Glitter floral items all came from the Michael's clearance table (20 cents each- woohoo!). I used an ancient Marvy Uchida corrugator to alter some very shiny Anna Griffin paper from the Carmen collection and Mister Huey mists in School House and Plumb Thumb.
It is December 15th. I haven't started a single "hand made" Christmas gift, cooked a single holiday recipe or made the cards I was going to send. I am not Martha Stewart. I will never be Martha Stewart- please give me a moment to grieve for my broken delusions of grandeur.
Chrissy's Victorian rosette wreath.

Fellow Gauche gals Cheryl and Christina have made some GORGEOUS wreaths. I would post them here but then what incentive would you have to go there? Ok 1 sneak!!!

  • Christina's gorgeous wreath using an old romance novel, some floral items from Hobby Lobby and hundreds of hand cut and rolled florettes will blow you away. Check it out here on the 23rd- don't worry- I will post a reminder- it really is that good!

Lola helped us wrap the front door in kraft paper- she got a kick out of the wreath and it was all I could do to keep her from destroying it entirely.

Gnarly ribbon!
Adding the last flower to the wreath- she was so happy to help!
MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. Oh, I like your wreath so much better than Martha's!

    Give yourself permission to stop stressing and just enjoy Christmas. Hand made gifts and cards and holiday recipes are nice but don't make or break a great holiday. I quit getting stressed over cards a few years ago, and just send all my loved ones a Valentine instead. And if I'm going to make a handmade gift, I know myself well enough to know that if I haven't started by July, I may as well forget it!

  2. This is the prettiest wreath ever!!! And I love your gift wrapped door - that is very Martha Stewart!! hugs my friend

  3. Looks awesome - love the pics of Lola helping out too!

    I gave away my December Daily as it was sitting there yelling at me "fill me in, fill me in"

    It was a raffle prize at my retail DT Christmas party!!

  4. I appreciate the honesty..I'm one of those who are "instruction challenged" sometimes too...and I already know anything I try Martha Stewart project wise would not be a good that you made it YOURS :)

  5. much better than Martha's :-) like Queen Kat above me, I am 'instruction challenged' so I get you, totally! Is it going too far to say that people like Martha are creating the same kind of 'aspiration-leading-to-self-hate due to unattainable goals' as is the advertising industry for little girls?! I had to go there, topical. Don't worry, unless someone else takes you thought-by-thought through their creative process, it's gonna be hard to write about other people's projects. Although I think you do yourself a disservice - your constructive criticism of other's creations is excellent. x

  6. You are the CHEESE! Martha is just well..Cheez Whiz in a can! Love your wreath sooo much better than that monochomatic(yawn) thing in a kit!

  7. I have not yet unearthed my trusty wreath from the boxes of Christmas stuff I have. You've inspired my to quit searching and make something new! Your's is fabulous! Thanks for the push! Now off to check up on you at GA!

  8. I like YOUR wreath WAAAY better :0 Martha would be jealous.

  9. I love your wreath!!! While Martha does have a clean and perfected look to all of her crafts, I personally agree with Jeannie...they are boring with no personality! You are amazing girl!

  10. Wow, your wreath is amazing! I love your creation! The photos are so lovely :):):)

  11. lovely festive wreath ! Thanks for being so kind about my photo tips. I'm nowhere good enough to do a post on it yet. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a creative 2012

  12. do you have any idea you're hilarious and oh so good for my soul? :)) heeeheee... she's the cheese? yeah. i know all about cheese, esp since nidhi has been inhaling cheese in this school holidays. haha!

  13. Thank you for all the comments tonight! The photo is taken with an app called Instaplus, and the light effect has been added there before I exported it to Instagram :) HTH!

  14. seriously awesome wreath...i hope that you and your family had a nice christmas!

  15. Your wreath is so much more awesome than Martha's! I love it! & Lola's help!


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