Monday, October 31, 2011

An appropriate nightmare on Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody. We got some snow here in Brooklyn but it's all gone now so I think the witches, spooks and goblins will come out and play tonight. We are going to a party at The American Museum of Natural History.
But that's not what I want to share. I had a crazy SCARY dream last night!!!!
Ok several things:
1: I LOVE this easel from 7 Gypsies!  2: I found a pack Bazzill black card stock at TJ Maxx for 6 dollars along with AC Mix Tape for 3 bucks- shelf raiding time! 3: That FABULOUS brain stamp is from Dragonfly Laser on Ebay- they have FANTASTIC rubber stamps- all handmade in New Jersey. It's crystal clear- I used a mist to ink it.
It started normally. I was hanging around with Lola in a busy wide street- perhaps 42nd and Broadway. We stopped at a cafe table (they are everywhere now- part of a "traffic calming" program the mayor dreamed up).
Suddenly this chic comes out of nowhere saying she's a long lost relative and asking to hold Lola. I say no but she takes Lola off my arms anyway.
I am watching her walk away with my baby. I see them cross the street. I am thinking- WHY am I letting this happen? DO SOMETHING!!
And the the sun goes out.
Everything goes black for a few seconds.
People scream. Cars crash.
The sun FLICKERS back on.
I start to run after the woman who has now turned around and is looking at me from across the street. Lola is holding her arms out for me. No one moves.
I distinctly hear someone say: "What's going on? What's happening?"
I start to go through all the scientific causes in my head- eclipse, stroke, falling space stations- wouldn't an eclipse be on the news for weeks??? my brain babbled.
Wouldn't it get incredibly cold?
The sun flickers back off.
Pandemonium breaks out. People stampede past me and I am taken away from Lola and the sun FLICKERS back but much weaker- redder, dimmer.
Adorn-it thought bubbles, Basic Grey Obscure line rub-ons I had to activate using double sided tape.
Tip- don't bother with the heat gun- it just curls up the plastic they come in.
That's when I woke up. I "heard" myself yelling WAKE UP! WAKE  UP! I literally could not stand it another minute.
First I checked to see if Miss Thing was ok- she was. Then I looked out the window- it was dark- 3am dark in a snowy too cold to hang out night. And it was quiet.
Ooooo creepy not really awake brain filled in all KINDS of terrors I had to actively choose to ignore... didn't sleep for the rest of the night.
Halftone app

This year's outfit- Candy Corn Witch. She refuses to wear the hat.
She also refuses to pose while looking at the camera.
Happy Halloween!
Michelle and Family


  1. Not only is your nightmare layout amazing, but the chilling story is too! I would have freaked out if I had that nightmare too!

    Your photo manipulation looks craZy cool as do all of your embellishments. Love the brain stamp!!!

  2. LOVE the halftone photo and the bursting lines emanating from it! Too cool! And, that was a frightening nightmare--I can see why you were compelled to journal/scrap it. I enjoy your posts so much! Happy Halloween to you and your Candy Corn Witch!

  3. oooh nightmare on... what's the name of your street? no don't tell us :-). LOVE this layout - my colours - espeically the punchinella and tape. and brains!

  4. Holy cow, girl, what were you smoking before bed? That was some nightmare! Don't you sometimes wonder what kind of mish mosh is rattling around in our heads?

  5. your story makes me eyes fill - my very worst nightmare too! but she is a very cute candy corn!!

  6. Your pages, your are on a whole different, Elevated level than the rest of us! You are awesome and I love love love everything you make! Great job Michelle!


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