Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome New Punky Scrappers!!!

How excited was I when I spotted a familiar name amongst the new Punky Scrapper design team members???? Kim Castillon is in da hoooouse! YAAAY!

Without further ado here they are: (click on their names and leave some LOVE in their blogs mi gente!)

New Team A members: 

New Team B members:

To top it all off, I also spotted MUCH ADMIRED CRAFTERS Misty and Cheryl who I know from my constant lurking at I don't know everyone YET but  I'm swinging by your websites today to leave love and welcome you and can CLEARLY see that you all fully deserve to rock out the Punky DT because you are truly fabulous!!!!

Challenge 27 is up and I am still kicking myself to have missed it because it's all about TARTAN- a style/fabric I LOOOVE. I'm a fool but nothing stops YOU from joining in!!! Come on- show us your  Scottish best!
Punky Scraps Challenge 27- isn't this inspiration photo FABULOUS??? LOVE!!

TOTAL CHEAT!!!! This is a project I made for Christmas but
I LOVE that Basic Grey tartan paper so I thought I would share.
OH by the way- my "Kite" page has been featured over at Aussie Scrap Source!!! I LOVE Aussie scrap style! It's fearless and inventive and FUUUUUN!
When I read the email requesting this page I yelped!
Louise Nelson is included in the group of designers! She's like- my scrap HERO!
Thanks guys!
Why not swing by and see what other designers have created? I checked it out and let me tell you the pages are truly GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Miss Thang! 2 cupcakes para my chula!

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. Thank you so much for the warm welcome!! I love your pages and can't wait to get to know you better!!

  2. Yay Kim!!!! That page is fantastic, I can see why they wanted it!! you rock!! =)

  3. Thank you sweet M! We're going to have a good time (we already do, lol). I have been rummaging thru my stash looking for that dang BG tartan paper. I think its on the backside of layout somewhere, grrrrr. June Bug, right? Its ok though, I've got a plan B.

    It was a somber day yesterday, so I'm going to wish belated bday wishes to precious Lola today. Later gator.

  4. That KITE page is insanely cool! :)

  5. Thanks for the awesome welcome and congrats on being featured! That page is amazing! Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday to Miss thanG...that cupcake looked pretty yummy!

  6. LOVE the gift :) :) I LOVE that tartan paper too :) :)
    Saw your page on Aussie Scrap Source too....amazing page and you SO don't look impressed at your crayons being broken mwahahaha!! ;)



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