Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Daily math

I have a very strange affection for long strings of sums and mathematical equations. I loved all the transparent boards with rows and rows of figures in a "A Beautiful Mind"- that was a beautifully art directed film.

I can't add fractions... or subtract, divide or add them for that matter. I DREAD the day Lola comes to me with her 4th grade math homework. I can literally feel my brain click off when the subject is broached- is it laziness or some kind of learning disorder? I don't know, but numbers and the signs that accompany them in algebra or trigonometry certainly look beautiful and they make me wish I could understand them beyond the surface.
Here's a page I did for a Studio Calico challenge right before I left for vacation:
Happy Homefront
MATERIALS: Studio Calico Homefront paper, Kaiser Craft kraft mini stickers, Sassafras Lass woodgrain alphas, Pink Paislee  Hometown Summer border, Maya Road corrugated board house, Smashbook date stamp and mini note.
This page is me talking to myself and telling that inner part of me that likes to FREAK OUT that everything will be ok- the financials will work out. Daily Math- ignore the actual numbers and work on the changing the equation.
Times may be dark but we must give ourselves gift of optimism. We can make it better- we have before and we can again. For me the true meaning of the "American Dream" is simple- it's not a bigger house or a newer car or a larger bank account but HOPE- an idea- a value- it's not exclusive to American citizens but it's priceless, unique and should be protected.
CHIN UP and strap those boots on people- the going is hard and the decisions tough but we WILL get though this.
A view off the Coast in Sorrento.

MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. This is awesome! I love the math "look" too, but my lack of being able to do anything with it passed simple equations, is whats kept me away from finishing a degree in the field that I wanted to be in...wow sounds pathetic! lol Anyway, I love the meaning and symbolism behind this page...a new favorite for me!

  2. A very cool page! I love pages that document emotions and feelings rather than events. Love how you used the punchouts from the houses on the left border. And that math?? Did you copy that from something? Looks super cool! At one point in my life I could actually do those problems, but with 20 years gone by and no reason to use it, I have no idea what it means anymore! LOL!

  3. all those thoughts behind this page... hidden in symbols... better to live though than to look back and realise you did nothing because you didn't take any risks. same goes for scrapping :-)

  4. What an amazing layout! For you not to know equations, those really look legit! I love what you did with the equations hand-written on the page. The colors are lots of fun as well as the corrugated house. What a beautiful photo of you too! Total perfection Michelle!

    PS, I am glad you are back from your trip. We have been missing you! :)


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