Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Going Tag crazy- a lesson in randomness

Hiya! Over the labor day holiday I found myself furiously trying to finish my tag project for Kreatorville Krafts.
For some reason I had a really hard time with it. I wanted to pull a "shock and awe" scrap stunt and that was my downfall- never forge into any creative endeavor with perfection in mind- that way lies madness.
Favorite 3 tags from my tag swap project for Kreatorville Krafts.
1. Use my scrap pile- papers whose patterns I loved so much I kept even tiny pieces that were now taking over my desk.
2. Use metal rims from Making Memories. I have so many of these I wanted to showcase them in a project.
3. Make the actual tags- don't buy them.
3. Use at least 1 stamp and 1 punch on every tag- I have so many stamps and punches! They hardly get used because they are in plastic boxes out of easy reach- this forced me to break them out and play.

"MINI TUTORIAL"- insert self-derisive snort here.
1. Using ready made tag as a template, cut out tags from left over office folders.
2. Make 3 "test tags"- experiment with acrylic paint- decide it looks great. Ruin them with microbeads.
3. Paint each tag with white acrylic paint to tone- down bright primary hues a bit.
4.  Experiment with make up brushes to sprinkle Tattered Angels Golden Goddess Glimmer Glam. Mascara brush works best- so does dropper from Baby Ibuprofen (Hope Lola never needs it).
5. Mist each tag with Mister Huey"Warm Calico" to "soften" stark white paint- have fun with polka dot template left over from circle punches made for project.
6. Start layering paper bits- panic tags are all looking the same- take a break.
7. Take metal rims and attach using basic stitch to each tag- rims go over the actual photo.
8. Project has a message- think- add Kaiser Craft mini alphas to each tag then cover alphas with Glossy Accents so that they stay put while in the mail.
9. Stamp each tag and sign- make sure signature is illegible thus besides the point. Whatevs the project is DONE! WOO HOO!

1. Pre cut your scraps and just play with resulting random shapes- do NOT try to "pre-design" each tag.
2. Paint and mist the entire tag cardstock THEN cut out each tag- that makes your pattern more random and natural looking.
3. When layering tiny pieces on light background colors highlight edges to make them separate.
4. Sometimes starting with tag titles is best as that can lead your design process. Use word association to come up with titles that aren't too "bossy".
5. DO NOT try to make a multiple item project with impressing others in mind- you will get "crafter's block" and suffer many hours of self doubt- let it all hang out"- as it were.

Final Results:

Materials: Pendaflex folders- brights, Making Memories metal tag edges, Sassafras Lass Amplify paper,
Fiskars Large circle squeeze punch,  The Girl's Paperie "On Holiday" mixed dot paper, Ek Success Large Edger -circles,  Double embossed dotted lace and Bubbles punches, Jillibean Soup corrugated shapes
This was great- onto my next large project- hand made post cards for each and every facebook friend! Do you want one? Friend me! Michelle Hernandez, Brooklyn, New York- or not- you can see them here as I will post as I make them.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. you've gone tag crazy! if i had to make that many i would get crafter's block too. totally second your randomness advice. x

  2. I love these tags :)
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  3. I keep ALLLL my scraps too - great job using yours!!

  4. These tags are so freakin' cool! I love all the stitching details and all the extra elements you incorporated into each one...the corrugated cardboard, the metal rings, etc. TFS, I love them!

  5. Oh YAY i LOVE your tag crazy... all the layers and stamping and detail totally rock... awesome..thanks for stopping by too mwah xxx

  6. Great way to use the left overs:) So many layers and details....I love these tags!
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. glad that you linked up! Your tags are SUPER magnificent!!!!! Thanks soooo much for playing along with us at Flashback Friday!

  8. Those are amazing! Love the paint work! Your firsties make mine look very second graderish. hmph. ;) LOL!!!!


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