Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mini give-away WINNERS!!!! SNR FEATURE!

Lots of stuff happening all at once in my life right now- most gratifying is my Featured Artist piece for Scrapbook News and Reviews this week. Please swing by and check it out when you have a moment.

Without further delay- there was a 3 way TIE in my Xoxo Girls give away! TeenaBugg, CurlyMosaics AND Lisa F all got 5 guesses correct!!!
Here was the list:
Black and white stripes, border punch, pearls, stitching, nature theme, green, ribbon, flowers
lace, Masking Tape, Transparency, animal that IS NOT a butterfly OR a bird (they GOT me on that one!)
Eiffel Tower (raaandom!!! I didn't even know owned an Eiffel Tower sticker!)

Winners- please email your addys and fave scrappy item to: hernandm1 at sign yahoo dotcom   and I will send a lil something your way. THANK YOU for reading! I love writing this silly blog and I deeply appreciate every single one of you- I know how busy you are! (insert lots of eager punctuation here)

But WAIT- there's MORE!
Materials: Crate Paper Snow Day collection- Flakes, American Crafts Hello Sunshine
Blithe paper, K & Company Anna Griffin Sierra paper, Glitz woodgrain alphas
These are 2 pages of a pretentious triptych I was going to submit to Scrapbook News and Reviews where I am featured starting today. (WOO HOO!!) Luckily I was SAVED from scrap folly by best friends Gia and Dawn who agreed these were.... empty. Thank you guys- sometimes a girl can get too ambitious for her own talent. I still like the idea I tried to scrap so here are the 2 pieces I did not submit. For the third (and best looking) piece please check out SNR:
Materials: Scenic Route waves paper, American Crafts Zing in Rouge and Black,
American Crafts Boutonniere stamps, Glitz alphas, DCWV tatami print paper
Waddaya think? Like it? Think it lacks that certain something (talent/content/insight)? Don't worry I will not get offended. I must learn and you all are helping!!!! Please swing by SNR and check out my article on the iPod app Hipstamatic- unlike pages the above, it's chock fulla content.



  1. wow 3 of us got em right!!!!! I promise I didn't peek at anyones paper :):) Thanks for such a fun contest!!!!

    I am not much of a white space person.....some people can pull it off but I'm not sure how they manage it.....mine always look empty rather than striking too.....oh well :):) I actually quite like your first seems balanced....the second one does look a little's all personal preference tho....Do YOU like it is waht matters :)

  2. CONGRATS on the SNR featured artist! That is so exciting! As for my favorite scrapping goods...I like everything you like! :)

    Thanks for the win! You are awesome girl!

  3. Fantastic! I'm heading over to SNR next! Congratulations! Can't wait to see the 3rd one, cuz I like the first two quite a lot! Spring Awakening-I love the neutral browns for the background because that is what Spring is awakening from. So, maybe a little pop of punky paint behind the photos to emphasize the blooms? And the Waves Encroach/All Broken is very poetic to me. The words are so powerful, contrasting the linearity of the photo placement and the stitching is like added reinforcement for the coming waves, or repair for the aftermath. Nice!

    Also, I can't remember the last time I won anything! So thank you so much! It was fun to try and guess what the challenge included, and I'm impressed that you were able to incorporate all of it! ;)


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