Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day 2011

Materials: Studio Calico Stamps, Basic Grey gas rub-on and recycle stamp. Maya Road
Sun chipboard, Ki Memories calendar page, My Mind's Eye woodgrain paper,
American Crafts Zing- mustard, apricot, aqua, white and grapefruit and alphas
When I first started scrapping I promised myself I would make a project for Earth Day every year. It's a newish holiday so it tends to get ignored. This year I waited too long so I had to check my ambition and simply make a page.
4/17/11 Studio Calico Sketch Challenge
I want to take a moment think about those who've been hurt or made homeless due to environmental or weather related events in the last few months. Perhaps it's time to stop the politics and start the creative solutions- our children need it and we will have a cleaner world for it. Hmmmm, I bet even our economy would  improve if we could devote more time to new technology and leave those old and dangerous energy ideas behind.

I used my new Rollagraph city stamp from Scarlet
Lime but you can barely tell because I  also
combined Aqua Zing with a light green
polka dot paper- looks great in real life but
doesn't photograph too well.
I had a lot of fun using my new heat gun and American Crafts Zing. I don't have the technique down and think the bubbling is due to my heating the dust too quickly but I don't care- it was exciting to try something new. Feel free to leave a comment on how you get that perfectly smooth zing  texture!

Journaling close up- as usual I ran out of space...
As I put this page together, I ruminated on the irony of using non-recycled paper, solvent glue and Ozone depleting foam pop dots on it. I meant to make this year's page all "green" but at this point I have so much stuff in my stash I would rather just use it and keep the lights off for the whole day- it's one of those little bargains I made with my paper  addiction...
I am so proud of that silly mini paper bag-
it's just a piece of  paper shopping bag folded over.

Pop dots- so awesome but made from fluoro carbons- Ozone killers... waaah!
Transportation and energy- 2 big green dilemmas.
I just realized I didn't include eat less meat or buying local produce.
Going veggie at least a few times a week would help tons-
plus it trims the waistline-
that's what we are trying here in the Martinez house!
Am I willing to change the way I scrap to be more in line with my "green" ideals? So far the answer is "Trying but it's too tempting to shop non green with all the pretty pretty paper out there".
But there's a silver lining- the industry itself is taking notice and trying green products... Cosmo Cricket has some really beautiful "green"ish papers... And I guess I could always go digital... But then this blog wouldn't be "My Analog Life" would it?
This photo is WAY literal but how else to represent why going green is important to me?
That's Lola's Easter Hat from last year-
she was a HUGE hit at the 2010 NYC Easter Hat Parade.
MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. Love how you cut that paper up top!!!

  2. Wooooo love this layout so much, especially that little paper bag you made! I too am new to embossing, and it isn't easy. I don't have a cutesy crafty heat gun, I use hubby's "strip-the-paint-right-off-the-wall" ridiculous high powered heat gun he uses when he does his side contracting work. Burns the ol' fingers, but it looks so cool I don't care! Mine gets bubbly, too. It took me a while to learn that even when you think it's all melted and good to go, it probably isn't and you should continue to heat it up for just a bit longer.

    This page is awesome, and I'm going to have to lift the concept I think. We are crazy green in this house, right down to the compost pile in the backyard for our veggie gardens. Small steps = big change. After the addition of the compost pile, our family of 5 now throws out a mere 2 garbage bags per week! Amazing! Now if I could get the girls to take shorter showers we'd be all'd think a 4 foot something person would be quick in there, but they're not. Not at all.

  3. AH HAAA! THANKS FOR THE TIP Khristen! I'm going back to heat the heck outta this sucka! :)

  4. This layout is wonderful!!! I love what you did and that picture is so gorgeous of her looking at the earth!

  5. I sent you an email, let me know if you don't get it. THANKS!

  6. amazing L/O!!!and im looking foreward to work with you on the Punky Scraps team!!
    Have a very nice day!!

  7. WOW I love it.

    I didn't know it was earth day so thanks for that. I will celebrate it a day late by having a lights out hour.

  8. Love your Earth Day layout!! Looking forward to work with you at Punky Scraps!
    Have a nice weekend!

  9. BOOM! Nailed it! That's a great page and an important subject. Since we use so much paper in this little obsess- er, I mean hobby, I make sure to donate to American Forests each year! :)

  10. You rocked this layout girl! I adore the funky way you created the title, the bursts of patchwork imagery and the way you cropped down the bracket paper. The stitching on there makes this layout too cool for school! Love it!

  11. soooooooooooooooooper cool layout! love how even with such a strict sketch your page still has a really natural feel to it x

  12. love the layout!! am so looking forward to working with you at ps!

  13. I love this LO soooo much! Beautiful tribute to our world and our kids!

  14. oooh this is good stuff Michelle! love all the details here!

  15. You already KNOW I think this page is AMAZING...I voted it ever'thang but funny at hurts to hear it again, though!!!!


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