Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How ART and Photo saved my life

Art and Photo saved my life! STUDIO CALICO Twitter Use Your SC Retail stash Challenge 2/15/11
MATERIALS: SC Window Seat paper, Elementary collection paper scraps, Blue camera rub-ons,
Anthology & Elementary stickers,  Home Front Odds & Ends paper, MS Monarch butterfly and 3 in 1
butterfly punches, Mister Hueys- white, red and yellow. UniBall gel pen
I wasn't in a gang risking my neck or trying out illegal drugs (once you meet my Mom you'll know why) but I was one shiftless, bored and lazy-assed teen! I cut school to stay home and watch "The Monkees" and eat Blimpy sammies. I skulked the school library to avoid teachers I owed homework to. I slept (or read an unrelated book!) in class. Avoided gym. Hung out in the stained glass art room all through Math 3 (Algebra), Chemistry and Physics....
That itty bitty clothes pin is THE BEEZ KNEEZ!!!

That's me 20 years ago...

Oh SC how do I LOVE THEE. Lemme count the ways...
But my English and History teachers LOVED me. I read the textbooks ahead of time and got into arguments on how devoid of meaning uncomfortable topics like slavery or "Indian relocation" were taught. I handed in long essays on feminism and English literature (late). I stayed behind and shared books I found (in the library... while skulking) with the teacher who would suggest them in class the next day. Schizoid teacher's pet!
I think this would make a really cool postcard...
But I NEVER missed a day of my after-school internship at The Educational Video Center. If you know a high school aged kid in NYC who is floundering in school or just REALLY loves media and film production- send 'em over. They will produce award winning documentaries and earn credits for their high school diploma. If they really get into it, they will leave with a job and a writer's portfolio in hand. Art and Photo saved my life- from being boring, shiftless and totally shallow.
Here's a larger view without interference from blinkies and stuff- TFL!

One last note- Stuff 2 Scrap is giving away some of really wonderful laser-cut chipboard to one lucky follower- click on the link above!! I stopped by their blog and lingered for quite a while- they have some kick ass DT talent there! And just LOOK at all that gorgeous chip goodness!!! WANT WANT WAAANT!

That's the word.


  1. word. great story, STUNNING page. x

  2. What an ecclectic mix of imagery and patterns. I love the way you did the title hanging from the string, the butterflies and the cameras. Way to go girl! I LOVE IT!

  3. What a story and what a LO! Love the string and the lil piccys of you. You are awesome! :)

  4. LOOOOVE your work - and I adore your story!

    Hey... Thanks for making me smile with your super duper sweet comment on my blog! ♥


  6. That tiny clothes pin is way too cute!

    I love all things SC of course.

    And I argued about the way American history and sociology were taught too. It still makes me angry! :-)

  7. Looks FANTASTIC - so much awesome detail and it's great to know the story too!


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