Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Importance of friends

It can be lonely sport to be a scrap chick in Brooklyn. You are quite uncool by local standards. Everyone KNOWS a true Brooklyn hipster knits or makes ironic cards/t-shirts.
Follow Your Bliss mi gente!!!!

I am short on irony these days- Lola keeps me on a hope tip. Yet I suffer from frequent self doubt- doubts about my talent, my personality, my readerless blog that my family and non scrap friends rarely visit. Hint, hint, HIIIIIINT!!! (That'll go nowhere- they don't read!)
Surprise! It's a Thank You card!

I have one thing that keeps me going when all else fails- scrap friend MOJO DAWN! The awesomest scrap chica EVER!!!! Miss Thing is super busy, she has an 8 year old, a restaurant, it's Christmas AND football season-  capital letter BUSY.
But she takes the time to send me a highly inspirational and encouraging card when I send along one of my neurotic hyper-ventilating emails. Dawny you are the WOMAN!

Detail shots of it's TRANSFORMING capability- the card can flip open. NEW for moi!
So it also gets posted in a future challenge for the PAPER ISSUES BLOG which you should check out right now! They have so many amazing Christmas projects even the most hardened Martha will stop to take a long happy look.

This ornament lost it's tail for art's sake.
Materials: Studio Calico paper, Cosmo Cricket Boyfriend paper, Maya Road black doily, 7 gypsies paper tape, K & Co black mini alphas, Glitz red mini alphas. I also stitched on this a bit but it isn't very visible.

Smooches mi gente!


  1. WHAT?! You doubt your talent? No freaking way. Your style is vibrant, fun, imaginative, and original. Its YOU, and YOU are an artist. I know what you mean about blog followers. Its tough being "the new kid". I just started in October. But, hey, its the quality, not the quantity, right? And I've got some great cyber friends. Take care. And Merry Christmas.

  2. I agree completely Kimmie!!!! But really I'm ok with flying under the radar- it just drives me bananas when my family is all "Sooo... What's up with the scrapping girl?" I'm like DUDE it's posted! You can spy away all you like! Oh well...

  3. lovin your stuff! i think it's part of the creative soul to hold doubt! :) Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  4. All I can say is WOW! This has to be the coolest card EVER! I saw it on scrapbooking.com and thought it was a layout! The amount of detail you put into this is super inspiring, and the way you created the hidden message, the coolest! Signed, your newest friend and fan! : )

  5. What an ass I am.

    You are so sweet to write about MOI...and here I haven't even commented on your AWESOME insight on how damn cool I am!!! :) lmao


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