Sunday, November 7, 2010

NYC Marathon AND Frituras Puertorras!!!

WHOOO BABY! I am SO AWESOME!!!! Before you think I'm entirely too obnoxious please know that I never get so much done in one day so I feel like patting myself in the back. For today I have two things for you my dear reader (s). That "s" is MAD hopeful!!!
I have a pictorial on HOW TO MAKE BACALAITOS (Salted Cod Fritters)
AND a new page. WOOOOW!
First the page for those who hate reading and just wanna look (that's ME).

The NYC Marathon was today. Every year Dave and I go out to see it- this year we had MISS THING- it was nice to share that with her. We got to see that Chilean miner dude limp by- poor little dude- feel better chief. Apparently more people ran this year than ever before. I was especially inspired by the deaf and blind runners braving the crazy Brooklynites who insisted on playing chicken crossed the road in front of them. Dave insists he's going to start training for next year but he says that EVERY year!

I like how this page came together in 30 minutes flat. I was going to stitch it but decided to save that for another day. Broke out my magic mesh- LOVE THAT PRODUCT!!!!

And now... ONTO THE FOOD!!!
Bacalaitos are incredibly delicious and entirely UNnutritious. It's best to eat them with beer right after frying- so you get that extra bit of unhealthiness in. Here is a "sort of" recipe:

  • 1 cup of boiled and crumbled salt cod (boil for a few hours then store in fridge till you remember a few days later)
  • 1/2 cup of diced tomatoes AND sauteed (in olive oil) red pepper. (you can skip this if you want)
  • 1/2 cup of the cod boiling water- this is better than adding salt later and you need that salt to make the masa (mix) taste good. OR you can whip out some canned chicken broth and try THAT.
  • 1 teaspoon of Ms. Dash- I'm telling you you need that extra bit of "taste" with no extra salt.
  • 3/4 cup of flour. I used white but next time I'm going to try wheat.
  • canola oil for deep frying
Mix the veggies, crumbled cod and flour with the reserved cod water- add a little flour if you think the mix is too watery. Let stand for an hour of so to "set" (I watched Batman and fed Miss Thing)
It's important to get a mix that isn't too watery or to flouery (word?). You will spoon the fritters into the hot oil and you need something that won't stick to your spoon or flow off like snot (sorry). Fry the things till they are golden brown. Chomp away!!!
Here are some photos.
Tomato, red pepper & cod 

Add reserved cod water

Mix well 

Just about right consistency
Ignore THESE
Pay attention to baby that looks like THIS


Ha ha. Did you see how nasty the apartment got? Yeah- never got around to THAT but whatevs- that's what mondays are for.

Muchos SmOoChEs!!! 

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  1. OMG i am so trying that!!! I've never done em before but I'm so going to now!!!

    Love that layout too!!!


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