Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Daily- A photo post

Every year I struggle with Christmas themed crafts.
I just started thinking about DYI ornaments and a family card.
It's December 4th!
Then there's the shopping or lack thereof.
Last year's DD album cover- Ormolu tag, American Crafts Thickers,
Crate Paper printed chipboard (the stocking are my favorite. I wish
 they had different versions!),  Fancy Pants coffee filter paper (LOVE!)
This year the color palette will be red, white and silver.
Every year I promise "THIS year I'll start early!" and every year I end up a wreck with 20 unfinished projects.

2012 is no different.
Except for one project I love above all.
December Daily.
I'm taking the photos.
I have the transparent dividers I will make into covers for my book. (At SOME point!)
I have an idea of an abstract and paint friendly layout which is more about emotion and craft play than actual recording of events.
I let the photos do the talking for me.
I'm waiting for my Christmas themed collections to arrive- no amount of pre planning was going to get those to me on time- the hurricane totally screwed up the postal system here in Brooklyn and deliveries are taking even longer than usual.

Day 1- We put up the tree on December 1st. Lola fell in love with the lights. Some unexpected "Bokeh" from the lights reflecting off the flat cover over my iPod camera lens. 
I'm using the "Hispstamatic" app which has both "lens" and "film" filters and allows for more variety in effects. I'll be using the "Jane" lens which is a "no effects" filter and BlackKeys B+W film" which adds that funky marker border, date and washes out all color except for the very brightest shades. I can then add saturation in Photoshop, giving the photos a painted holiday movie look.
Day 2- Chicken Soup on a cold day. I could do a smiling shot but I suspect when I look at this later, Lola hardly reaching the table, clutching that soup spoon for dear life, opening her mouth the widest possible, this shot is gonna make me laugh like a LOON!
Day 3- Lola and I went to Rockerfeller Center with NO STROLLER. !!!
The stroller was locked in my MIL's house along with my spare keys. Well Miss Thang was a TROOPER. We walked for 3 hours straight and she only tried to run into oncoming traffic 3 times. I will need a child tether (BABY LEASH!)  if I am ever to do this again- my sanity requires it.
Day 3- Legoland was a HUGE hit. She played here for an hour - never mind there were
hundreds of people walking around her private kingdom. 
Day 3- Encountering the tree- she liked it but this didn't yield the appropriate shot.
I will bring her back at night for the full effect. This year it will just be Lola and I  running about for photos since my husband is working over-time (Yay! or Booo! depending on the day of the week).  Last year's family December will be cherished. I must remember to count my blessings- paying bills is a good thing.
Day 3- This might be my favorite shot. She only sat for half a second before freaking me out by standing up and running along the fountain edge but here she looks positively introspective.
It truly is a wonderful life- sort of- I WILL IT SO.  :)
So off to the scrap desk to make this year's album cover...

How about you?
How are your plans shaping up?

Have a great holiday month!


  1. These are fabulous photos! Good luck with your Dec Daily! Oh how I wish I could be in NYC during the holidays! :)

  2. Amazing shots & yes I would be freaked out too. I love your use of color & kind mix media feel to your card. Well bye for now Eileen

  3. Your photos are beautiful. Here to your December Daily, may you capture loads of beautiful memories.

  4. These are such adorable photos. I love the way the first one sparkles! This project is such a good one to work on. You will be so glad you did it. Just found you on Instagram so I can see more of your photos.

  5. What a great post! You are so good at capturing the BEST photos of your little one! I love every single one!!! Can't wait to see how your book comes together - I know it will be A.MAZE.ING!

  6. Your December Daily pics are great! LOL, I'm the same way, every year I SWEAR I will be more "on it" during the holidays with photos, trees, gift, etc. Let's see..how about a big 0 to all three as of today! I hope your Xmas themed goodies get to you soon! Can't wait to see what you do......!!

  7. Oh I love this post!!!! And this is so me as well!! I always have grand plans only to get so behind but that is way my focus this year is truly getting back to what the true meaning of the season is about! Love, family, faith, and all that!! Girl your photos rock!! Miss Lola is a doll and I love seeing her delight in all you two do together. So glad you two enjoyed your day out and am really glad the stroller was locked up. :D

  8. Love your photos! I hear you on what you are saying, sometimes we put so much on ourselves, that one month is doable ...love that DD!

  9. great photos!!! im excited to see your DD!

  10. I love that cover! I bought two sheets of that chipboard b/c of how drool worthy those stockings are. This year's release is cute, but not AS CUTE. I love that picture of Lola with the lights. The bokeh?? Wow! I hope you get a chance to share some pages, would love to see what you do..


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