Thursday, December 6, 2012

A story well told. A Flair For Buttons Post

Happy thursday folks!
I've been running around all week trying to get good photos for my December Daily so I've been too tired to actually scrap.

I found THE PERFECT cover embellishment for my album!
I tried working with it last night- nothing doing- I just shuffled layers around for a while and then went to bed frustrated.
Flat dime store glitter deer! How lucky am I? The pin is a freebie from
JC Penney. The striped Recollections divider is perfect.
 Deciding what fabric and paper I want for layering is taking a while.
This is the starting point. I will be using the kraft chipboard I saved from a package. I put it there so you could see I will be using a transparent binder divider and realized it was awesome.

QUESTION: Can you put gesso on plastic without it sliding off when it dries? I will be experimenting with later today.
I took Lola to visit Santa at Macy's for the first time. She was not amused.
This was as close as we ever got to the dude.
I also wanted to share a quick page I made for A Flair For Buttons last week.
I had a couple of hours and Pebbles "Seen and Noted" to work with- I love the bright colors in that collection!
Here's the page:
I encourage you to swing by the Flair For Buttons blog to read the story behind the photo in this page.
It's the central story of my scrapbook life- the reason I started scrapping and one of the proudest moments of my life.
Smash Flair set from A Flair For Buttons
I used one of my favorite Scrap FX chippies on this page.
I used Prima's Brick Wall chalk ink pad to color the tree in.
It's the perfect shade of red for the darker tones of chipboard.
Sorry for the disjointed post!
I'm off to the 14th street Christmas Market before work. Gonna try to score another Amirugumi squid for my tree.
I really need to learn to knit! I love these cuties! 
Chelle's out!
Have a great week!


  1. Just for clarity's sake, most amigurumi patterns I've come across have been crochet, not knit. And they're pretty easy to learn, too!

    I like where you're headed with the sparkly reindeer!

    1. I stand corrected. :) But now I HAVE to go google crochet videos!!!

  2. Ok, a few things..first off, that is quite possibly the scariest looking Santa I have ever seen In my life, he looks really mean, lol! Maybe it is the photo but he looks creepy. Second, love your page, your journaling is very touching and drew me to go read the story. Thanks for are an amazing person and a wonderful, strong mother :)
    Awesome, and inspiring, as always!

    1. LOL!!! That Santa is actually a puppet in a scene from "Miracle at 34th Street"- the real Santa was a really cool YOUNG dude who Lola REFUSED to get within 10 feet of- she was ok with these creepy puppets though. Kids are WIERD! :) Thank you so much Kelly- your work is incredibly inspiring to me.

  3. Hope you had fun and luck at the market! Santas and children..the theory of Santa always seems better than the "real" thing!! I love your page and the story it tells really is amazing!

  4. Such lovely work!!! And I'm with Kelly - that Santa looks freakin' scary! Lol!!! :D

  5. Great post, as usual! That is too funny about Santa. My little ones are never too sure about him either! Gesso on transparency won't slide off, but will scrape off. I think you do have to make an effort for that to happen though. I love what you are working with there! That dollar store find is WAY cool! And, I am totally jealous that you managed to get some of that penny's flair! Also, LOVE that page for A flair For Buttons! It brought tears to my eyes.

    1. Aww thank you so much lady! And THANK YOU for the tips- I'm a mixed media newbie.

  6. LOVE the cover! That reindeer is fabulous! Hope you found the squidy for your tree! ^_^


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