Monday, February 6, 2012

Project 365 week five!

Wow I can't believe I'm still plugging along with Project 365/Life.
I knew this would be a stress free project for me because I take photos everyday anyway. 
Project 365 just pushes me to go out and do more unusual stuff so I can put it in the book.
Normally I'd go to the Museum of Natural History but I would wait till summer- which is silly because it's INDOORS.
Project Life/365 week 5. A walk in the Bronx, Lola is sick, We are bored so we go visit the Brooklyn Bridge, Museum of Natural History butterfly pavilion and Lola finally starts sitting at her mini desk to draw. 
Lola LOVED her visit last week. She can't stop talking about the butterflies and now she sees them everywhere. We are going again tomorrow before they go away forever. Dave got her a dinosaur video he found for 4 bucks and now she loves dinosaurs too. 
Could we have an future scientist on our hands?
There are enough "starving artists" in this family.
At the doctor's office.
We didn't buy it, we just love it.
No more words today. :)
My Mom works for MNH. It's so huge I practically grew up there and STILL
notice things for the first time. Above? A Pterodactyl.
We went to First Saturday over the The Brooklyn Museum.  It's free.
Everything was great until we visited the feminist art gallery-
there was a special exhibit on "gender and sexuality".  I LOVED IT!
My Mother in Law was not pleased.
MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. I love, love how your pages are coming together! So bright, color, urban, different! So wish I had the ability to do something like this!

  2. LOVE THESE PAGES! All the fun elements and details - just ROCK!

  3. I love your PL, Michelle! It looks is easy to see your are having fun with it!

  4. You can make your stitching any way you want, I'm loving this. It's so unique, colorful, and fun! Sounds like you guys have so much to do where you are. That pic with the MIL cracks me up!

  5. I'm glad you are having fun with this project! You have such a fun and quirky style and little miss Lola is adorable! I love the bright happy colours and the stitching! Throw out the "rules" and just have tons of fun!

  6. Dang girl, your Project Life book is going to be the bomb when you are finished! Each page is so filled with vibrant colors and quirky, playful ways you handle the type, etc. So fun!

    Also, if you ever make it to Oklahoma...I would LOVE to take you shopping with me...our own little vintage shopping adventure! :)

  7. Loving the colours!! Great pics too. Really liking the butterfly adventure (my parents used to take me too and my dad taught me all about the different species of butterfly) but my absolute fave part here is the 'Our Bridge' section - and the caption that goes with it ;-) x x x

  8. I would love that exhibition, too, but I think you know that that's my specialty ;)

    Love your week 5! I have yet to post mine, and tomorrow I'll be going away for another two days at school up north. Maybe this weekend!


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