Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February is a RED MESS!! True Xoxo Girls Challenge

I love the color red.
I think anything can be improved by a nice red detail. A black jacket? Extra smart when paired with a red scarf. Pink looks more alive when paired with red- so do orange and turquoise.
Strawberries, cherries, apples- all red! Mother Nature is on my side.
Love Monkey- True Xoxo Girls Messy Challenge- February
Materials: Gauche Alchemy Pink Parts and Scarlet Fever Mixed Media Color kits (glitter hearts, little rubber monkey sequins and buttons), red punchinella, packaging from a Maya Road pins pack, Thickers in foam and fabric from Joann's, Tim Holtz brick pattern embossing plate, graph paper from Staples, Mister Hueys in Schoolhouse, Calico Cream, Piglet  and Cameo, Art-C heart doily and "today" stamp from Cocoa Daisy (GREAT SET!), Dooddlebug and Reminiscence brads
I long for red especially at this time of year when everything outside is brown or grey.
When I go and do laundry we have four loads- bleach pile, darks, lights and red/pink. It makes for fun loading at the laundromat- everyone just looks at me like whaaaaaa?
The red/pink pile is the largest.
Some of my favorite Hipstamatic app filters add pink or red to my photos.
The Lucifer VI lens adds a subtle red circle to the photo. 
Here I've used the Lucifer VI lens and Big Up film for the yellow/pink tape border.
Big Up border effects are random so I love when this combo comes up.
My husband knows to skip the hearts, flowers, chocolate and lace. (Especially the lace- I pugnaciously reject gifts with ULTERIOR MOTIVES)
He usually shows up with a fun red cotton sweater or shirt for me and something wacky for Miss Thang to play with.  When he put this outfit on Lola, totally alone and without my help, I was so very happy:
The Maya Road plastic packing fit the Instax print perfectly! I wish I had a bunch more so
I could make a whole series of these mini shakers!
I also tried something new (for me). Using recycled packaging on a layout. I usually throw these out but my fellow Gauche Alchemy DT members encouraged me to try incorporating them into a layout- this is my first attempt so it's a bit.. rustic... but I can see myself sewing these onto cards or using a few of them as wall decoration- the possibilities are endless and it was super easy to make.
Sneak peek at something else I'm working on for my Feb 13th
post over at Gauche Alchemy. The Hispstamatic Ben Watts Lens
gives this photo magenta edges.
The True Xoxo Girls Challenge for this month is MESSY! I used Gauche Alchemy Scarlet Fever color kit on this as well as some older paper from my stash. And I FINALLY broke out my Claudine Helmuth acrylic paints- which scare me with their pure and beautiful color intensity. Your challenge for this month is to SCRAP MESSY!
Go on- you can DO EET!

Running away from Mom's "smile for the camera" request.
MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. hey fellow fan of RED :-) love it, love it all! good to see people using the plastic blisters from packaging. i tried to encourage it last year with a tute at scrapbook challenges but after a VERY unexpected cleaning bout from my husband I could only find one in the whole house... :-)

  2. Fabulous page, Michelle!!! I love the red paint effect with all the mix of embellishments(like the plastic packing...fantastic!) and the cute picture of Lola. Love the last photo...she looks so cute!!! Wonderful work!!!
    Hugs!!! :)

  3. aren't you mucho brilliant using the embellies packing!! I love that. Miss Thang is ultra cute too!! :) :) :) Fabbie layout!

  4. Love how you used the tiny photos! Great layout and super cute photos! Love Penny

  5. oooh love love love this shaker idea!! So much fun and inspiration in one post ... you've done it again! xoxo

  6. Your messiness is pure eye candy! Love it!

  7. Love this LO this first time I saw it! Seriously cool upcycling idea with that frame too..hmmm might have to try it sometime!

  8. Thank you for your lengthy comment on my recent blog post. I totally get you on the exclusivity-policy. I love SC and their kits, but I have started to consider dropping the sub, too. I recently started subscribing with Cocoa Daisy, but have not managed to drop the sub at SC quite yet.

  9. Oh, no! I think you misunderstood me/that I was unclear. I looooove getting long comments, and you're a wonderful commenter :) And I do appreciate you backing me up.

  10. Thank you for your really sweet comment, Michelle!

    I didn't find a way to download the grid from Shuttercal (are you using that site?), but I took a screen shot and opened it in PS where I made a new document and cropped it into rectangles and pasting it onto the new document (I hope that made sense...).

  11. Ooo hoo, this is an awesome layout and Miss Lola is such a DOLL! I love seeing her on your pages :)

  12. Red is rad! I'm a red lover as well. My handbags are red! just got a new red piece for the coming Valentine. heeeheee... and *cough*cough*..ulterior motives eh? that made me laugh so loud! hahaha!! lucky it's only 2.45pm here.

  13. Cute! And I love your littles' panda hat!! :) he he.

  14. I saw this over at either or Studio Calico ;) Too many places, makes me confused! You are cranking out some awesome stuff. Love the colors, the layering the packaging, and that doily heart. This is my kind of messy! I hope you husband gives you want you want and not something he "thinks" you want! Have a great week!


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