Monday, January 3, 2011

First Page of 2011!

I put this jammie together in about an hour. WOW! I know what you are thinking! SURE LOOKS IT!
Well I like it. I am in a contemplative mood. Actually I am avoiding my latest PAPER ISSUES assignment- Valentine's Day and 3 family gift pages I'm supposed to have finished by friday- pray for me as I will have no hair left by then. SOOOO I start with the current abstract concept I'm currently mulling and move onto the hard stuff- holidays, family and love (oh my).
Materials used: American Crafts grid stamp, GCD Melody Ross flocked butterfly paper,
Fiskars squeeze cloud punch on Making Memories cherry veneer, Smooch Spritz Foil,  Martha Stewart doily 
and Hydrangea punches,  Uni-ball gel pen in black, architectural grid paper

May I vent please? I have a love/HATE relationship with the Postal Service. I seem to have the most irresponsible postal staff in the nation. They loose packages, they leave packages on my doorstep- did I mention I live in BROOKLYN? They mark items as "out for delivery" that never arrive.

Thank goodness for honest neighbors.
But I love receiving boxes full of specialty scrap stuff so WHAT is a girl (paper addict) to do? I pay extra for signature required delivery. I follow the tracking number on orders and leave long notes in the "comments" field or my paypal orders explaining why I need to be updated when packages are in the mail.

FIRE every single worker in the Williamsburg Brooklyn office and hire new people. I am SO TIRED of the horse poot! Gimme my Two Peas Order!
Ok rant done.
2011 has started of with a bang.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. That bib is too cute!

    Very cool layout...that's the perfect topic to scrap.

    As for the postal issues...what a drag. I'm so fortunate that I've not had any probs. I'd be very pissed too, if I were you. Take care...breathe.

  2. I agree some postal people suck! The mailman that I live with does not. LOL!!!!!!
    I love the Post Office (they pay my bills)!!!
    There are all kinds of postal people...ANYHOO>>> I LOVE this page!!!! If anyone thinks different they can come find me. LOVE it!!!!!

  3. p.s. tell that nut ball at Paper Issues to kiss it!

  4. I only meant the evil gnomes who populate the Williamsburg BK branch- the workers a mile away in Greenpoint- and the rest of America deserve awards as they actually do their job and manage to smile as well. :)
    Don't mind my complaining about holidays- I HATE holiday scrapping because I find it extremely hard to do. But I always love what others create.


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