Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Swimmin' wid Da Polar Bears! BROoKLYN STYLE

My friend Gia has been swimming with the Polar Bear Club in Coney Island every year since 2001 when she saw a PBS documentary. I highly recommend joining in... if you are insane. This year was the first time I felt motivated to go along. It was relatively warm (45 degrees ambient) but really I blame PAPER ISSUES for putting the fire in my butt. I simply HAD to scrap such a wacked out subject! Plus Dave has been itching to do something crazy and sky diving is OUT.
Jumpin' The Drink- Coney Island 1.1.11
: Recollections glitter paper in aqua, EK Sucess waves punch, Bazzill Just The edge in red (waves), Martha Stewart sea star, crab and anchor punches, American Crafts Thickers in giggle painted with ColorBox Cat's Eye ink in brown, K & Co emphemera die cuts and note book paper (THANKS MOJO DAWNY!!!)
Dave chomped this up too.

I got my feet wet trying to take photos in the HUGE crowd. I spent the rest of the day squishing around Little Odessa in search for authentic Russian food. We found the Ocean View Restaurant and I tried my first Beef Stroganov. It was good but I prefer Carne Mechada or Ropa Vieja- they include sason.

Sorry G- I had to throw out the socks you lent me- they STANK! The air temps were good but the water temp was 27- wait- isn't that below the freezing point??? I was told the "worst part" is stepping on the ocean floor on bare feet. For me it was watching the hipsters in "Euro style" (ie TOO SMALL) ironic bathing wear running around cheering and dumping photographers- in full gear- into the drink.
Brave cool peeps- G, Tom and Dave
Dave is SO AWESOME- he went in all the way AND dunked his head under the water. I'm telling you I LOVE THAT MAN!!!!!!!!! Miss Lola stayed with Abuela who quesioned our intelligence. We had so obviously lost our minds eons ago.
Thank you Paper Issues- you are my first DT and I am forever loyal to you- plus you helped drive traffic into my teeny corner of the net. This page is going on the "All Things New" challenge- the realization that my husband is WAYYY cooler than I am being new to me.
The snow was BANANAS!

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. Bugh-naa-naas. My feet are freezing just thinking about this, lmao. BUT...I salute y'all crazy polar bears. Takes some sand to dive in. Way to start out the new year.

  2. OMG your all nuts I'd so be like you on the sidelines cheering but NO so not going in!!! Love your page and gosh that was way more snow than we got in CT!!!


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