Friday, December 24, 2010

Wish List- Studio Calico

This is me trolling for free stuff- again. I am now in love with Studio Calico- like huge fanboy love- the kind of love I used to have for Batman comics back in college- that love died hard- they switched writers on me one too many times. But I still have my old Batman comics- a few have been ripped up by Miss Thing but I taped them up kept them anyway.

Here's my Studio Calico wish list- go on their blog, post a link to yours and maybe you'll win something on 1/1/11.

1. 4x6 Wood Grain stamp- nowhere does it say "limited edition" yet I can't find it anywhere!
2. Star rubons- WANT WANT WAAANT! Sold Out!
3. Star wood veneer stickers
4. Window Seat paper- that graph print has me salivating!!!
5. Atmospere print paper- LOVE that weird little globe thing!
6. Lunch Tray mist
7. Mini bird stamp
8. Documentary Fabric Rips (such an awesome idea!)

That's it for now... I managed to buy everything else. :)

I hope everyone got their gift shopping done. Tomorrow I'll have my last Christmas project posted- a wreath. I made myself finish it since I bought all the materials but dilly dallied on it for 3 weeks. Michael's was selling glitter poinsettias at 17 cents a flower today so I bought a few and added them on- now I wish I had done my usual thing and bought 40 because I love them that much- oh well.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!

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