Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Making the page COUNT

OK so if you know me at all you know I can't make numbers play nice- the closest I come to math ability is estimating the discount from a given price but any true shopaholic knows how to do that.

I also wanted to hint at a growing concern of mine- HOW AM I GOING TO HELP LOLA WITH HER HOMEWORK WHEN I CAN'T EVEN DO LONG DIVISION?????

You are thinking THIS crazy chick is getting WAY ahead of herself! "Lola" is thirteen MONTHS old! But I've worried about this for years. I worried about this in college as I blithely took my art courses (in a school with no "core" curriculum requirements- which I transfered to in order to avoid math).

 I want to raise a strong (Amazonian), Independent, Science/Math positive NERD Why? They make the mega bucks! DUH! How can I do that when I need help with ANYTHING having a number? Ever try making a recipe for 4 into a recipe for 8? MATH IS NEEDED! Ever try to cut your paper for a proper birthday card? AAAARGH! MATH! Call your sister in London to chat about her upcoming wedding and listen as she discusses the cost of hotels in Euros? MATH MATH MAAAATH!

So I did THIS:
For my fave sketch site PENCIL LINES
Pencil Lines sketch 212 by Sasha Farina
I LOVE the Die Cuts With A View "Hitting The Books" paper stack- it's GORGEOUSLY geometric. You will see many new pages with this stuff. I also used Sassafrass Lass cards and Alphas, Hambly tranny (transparency- not a Hambly staff person with innovative sartorial proclivities) Cosmo Cricket numbers and my trusty UNI BALL gel pen- I LOVE THAT JAMMY!!!!

AAAAND finally- how did I get that amazing photo (shot while I was in college by fellow art shooter OZZIE CRUZ)? It's a Polaroid Transfer. Look it up please- that technique was amazing. R.I.P since you can no longer do it because Polaroid went out of business and discontinued making the pull apart film you need. WAAAAAAAH!

I'm sure Apple has a cool  iPhone app that imitates the look but nothing NOTHING feels as good as cutting the paper and slapping down that jelly stuff all by YOURSELF- in 3D. That's why my blog is called ANALOG Life- 'cause I love FILM and PAPER. Digital can SUCK IT!

Muchos SmOoChEs!!!


  1. Well if it makes you feel any better, many smart and successful parents these days struggle to help their kids with math homework as it is taught so differently than when we/they were in school... I know this because I'm a teacher and hear it from parents every year!! Think of it this way - Lola will grow into a bright and independent learner who knows how to work hard when she faces a challenge, because mom had no clue what to say about the math homework! :)

  2. Love love your math LO! awesome. Thanks so much for the blog award. You so made me smile this morning!

  3. Michelle, I absolutely adore this layout. It is stunning!!! I love the title, and the wonderful artsy feel to the page. What a fantastic topic to scrap about! Thank-you for joining us over at Pencil Lines, and I hope we see you back there soon.


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