Saturday, November 13, 2010

If I had a kit club it might look like THIS

I will not be starting an economic venture any time soon as I can't even keep my socks organized in their drawer but IF I had the energy and the resources AND a local scrapbook depot I MIGHT have a kit that looked like THIS:
ACK! Aren't those papers AMAZING???? I'm SO into numbers right now- and writing and doilies and glitter....
 The 12x12 papers are from this AMAZING store on
These are all "vintage" papers. I love finding these because they are unique and because I seem to have run out of new stuff to buy. I will be storing (read- HOARDING) these because they are waaay too pretty to use. The first is from Basic Grey and dates to 2007- wow. Not sure why that impresses me but it does.

But why no new page you may ask? Or maybe not- you got better things to think about! But I will answer that question anyway. Miss Lola seems to think it's perfectly normal to wake up at 2am to play and screams her head off till we get up and bring her to bed with us. Dave and I both look like zombies. And before you say YOU'RE SPOILING THAT KID know this- I live in a 400 square foot box. Our entire apartment is size of most people's living room/dining room combos. So when the baby screams she might as well be in bed with us- there is NOWHERE TO HIDE. Plus Dave refused to let her scream herself to sleep at 6 months old and I was too tired to start a fight over it at 2am then and now I'm too tired to fight at all. So the baby gets what she danged well wants- which isn't much just not to be alone in a scary dark room all by herself.
Lolster (4 months old) wide awake at 3am. She somehow managed to get out of the baby wrap. 

So lemme post about something AWESOME that happened to me a bizillion years ago (oh alright- 1998). I got a spot in a group gallery show. This was a career high point for me but I didn't go to the opening. I was volunteering for AmeriCorps then and I was actually in the middle of tornado relief in Oklahoma City where I was really needed so I wasn't about to leave. So here are some shots taken by my Mom- told you she was awesome.
Multi photo installation with earth from different parts of the Bronx in jars up front.

My installation in relation to pieces by other (now famous) artists- should have stuck to THIS instead of trying to go corporate!

Inside shot of brochure- that's not my painting.

Kinda cool huh? I let life dictate that doing something that made money was more important than pursuing an art career and did I ever learn a lesson- joining the rat race was by far the most miserable time of my life. I have to thank my current scrapbook obsession (and Miss THANG, Lola) for centering me and showing me back to my true calling.
Onto the next page!!! Tomorrow!!! or Sunday.. maybe!!!!

Muchos SmOoChEs!!!

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  1. Wow Michelle,
    That installation is fabulous - great pics of the pics - wish I could see them all.

    You are talented, Little Missy! :)


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