Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Light molding paste fun with Scrap FX stencils.

It's been raining everyday here in sunny Utah. 
I'm loving it!
Rainy humid 100 degree days remind me of New York which I miss terribly.

Want to know something weird?
Lightning scares the bejesus out of me!

I'm not used to seeing actual ray strikes.
How weird is it to see multiple rays lighting up the sky!
And cloud to cloud lightning?
I'm used to seeing lights and maybe the occasional zig-zag in the sky directly over head- seeing the whole thing from sky to land makes me jump and scream every single time.

I saw a dust devil!
Wait- no- I saw THREE!

We were on the highway heading home after the Yellowstone camping initiation/ hazing ceremony
(98 degrees during the day- 30 degrees at night- wooooot!- Also- bears.)

FIRST my sister in law's car was almost pushed off the highway by a flying tire fragment from a truck's tire blow out.
Just as we got over it, I look out the window to the fields and hello

Oh no worries I was assured- those are just caused by dust and wind currents.

So anyway it's been awesome- nature is so amazing
especially when you witness all it's glory while sitting nice and warm at HOME.

Here is a page I made despite serious lack of spark, mojo, focus, IDEAS

Water color paper is awesome. I messed the back up so I just turned it over and started again on the back. I painted a sunny circle and then pushed bits of paper around for hours till I got this configuration.
Materials: Scrap FX urban stencil, Crate Paper The Pier paper, American Crafts Thickers Glits gold alphabet stickers, flair from A Flair For Buttons, canvas hexagons by Studio Calico, Martha Stewart gold and turquoise paint, Paper Studio ATC pack. Flowers by Making Memories- stashed since 2009- glad to be rid of them finally.
Photo by Saidy Lopez.
I was casing Pinterest (yet again- I spend so much time pinning I leave no time for blogging- exactly ass backwards.)

I saw two pages by Denise Morrison which blew. me. away.
Check out her bloggity blog- Life Is Yummy

Denise was using light modeling paste on transparency material to add texture and see through stencil patterns to her scrapbooking.

One of the reasons I rarely use modeling paste on my pages is because it takes a while to dry and it's so expensive I really don't want to "make a mistake".

One note- find a glue that works on plastic or get ready to be annoyed.
HELLO genius technique!
Using it on a transparency means I get to layer it wherever and if I make a "mistake" I can scrape it off and start again or move the piece somewhere else on the page.
Before you ask- yes it sticks- and no it doesn't crack even if you staple over it.
It's really a great solution!

Here I am trying it out with the Scrap FX roses stencil- LUSCIOUS!!
What's more- molding paste takes color mediums beautifully- that's what it's meant for after all. (Sorry my no art practice just history background means I just stumble on this stuff randomly through other blogs- you probably know more than I do)

I'm in looooove!
July snow and shorts. Yes. it's Utah. Cottonwood Canyon- Cecret Lake Trail.
I wonder why it's spelled "Cecret".
I'm thinking some gold miner got it wrong and no one bothered to correct it in 200 years.
Chells out!


  1. Now you got me thinking ..... I loooove that technique!!!! That page looks great with the use of the transparencies and the added bonus of a place to hide when a mistake is made???? Well what is not to love? Off to get me some molding paste Mojo!

  2. What an amazing technique, love this idea.

  3. What an awesome idea!! I love it and will have to give it a go.
    Im hearing you about the dust devils. We saw a few really good ones in Arizona and Utah while on our road trip adventure, but they are something we have in Australia.
    I get you on the lightning. One of my favourite things to do is sit on the beach watching a good storm out at sea. They will get easier to see, especially with a camera for some awesome shots ;-)

  4. Look at you two! Darling! Like the down arrows.

  5. That photo is so sweet! Says happy mommy, happy daughter :) Oh and thank you for the transparency + paste info...who knew?? I LOVE it, must give it a try, fo sho!

  6. That page doesnr how any loss of mojo! Beautiful! Btw im trying to comment on your latest post from my phone but its not letting me. I will try again later. Im aure its my stinking phonea issue! :)


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