Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday inspiration- Brooklyn Museum

Hark I hear the weekend call!

First order of the day- scrapbook!

I will put on "The Office" and watch season 8 all over again while drinking Brooklyn Lager.

I live literally 2 blocks from Brooklyn Brewery but have never gone to one of their famous tastings.

I am alone for the first time in months right now so I have to do all the things before Grandma brings the little one back.

Here are the things I found inspiring this week:
Brooklyn hand embroidered pillow cover on a FABULOUS chevron covered chair.
So there's a link right there for the museum shop.
It's 149 dollars- too rich for my blood but gorgeous right?
5 Points in Long Island City may be getting sold and leveled to
make way for more condos. If you're in New York take the 7 train and
swing by- it's worth it. 
These gorgeous machine stitched pillows are also
available but not on website. Sorry I didn't get the artist's name.
The Elizabeth Sackler Wing at the Brooklyn Museum has
an exhibit on quilting. It is my assertion that if quilts are
feminist statements of art so are scrapbook pages.
Discuss amongst yourselves.
Awesome diamond shapes at Urban Outfitters made with plywood
and light strips.
The El Anatsui exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum ws smaller than I expected but amazing.
He's got all kinds of interesting and theoretical things to say about why he makes giant
rusty metal or mixed media quilts. I just think they're awesome.
A new park has opened up next to East River State Park.
It's so pretty! And you can also play soccer in the new fields.
Love it!
And I got to meet Natalie K.
Who has a FAB new line of stencils with Stencil Girl Products. Woot!!!!
AAAAnd a sneak peek of two projects that will go up on the Scrap FX blog this sunday at 7pm (Monday 9am Aussie time.)

Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. Love both of the cushions - it makes me wish I was better at sewing!

  2. It was so cool meeting you and spending time with you :) I laughed a lot :))) hugs, nat

  3. Lots of super cool inspiraton, thanks for sharing:)


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