Monday, March 25, 2013

What I "re"learned this week! Project Life is FUN!

Good Monday Morning folks,

Over the weekend I had several amazing conversations with people I deeply admire.
I spent so much time talking I didn't really have time to scrap.

Now it looks like I'm about to embark in one of the most exciting periods of my life.
Some friends and I have formed a group called

"The Mariposa Creative Collective"

Basically a monthly meeting where we hold each other accountable for our creative goals- whatever they may be.
  • If you are a New York City scrapper or creative type send me a PM via Facebook and will add you to the group. I plan to post thought provoking articles and our meeting notes there for everyone to discuss in between face to face meetings. 
  • If you have a small business you are trying to get off the ground send me a PM and we can consider you as a guest speaker. Any entrepreneurial activity is fine. Creativity is boundless.
We meet once a month and discuss our goals for the month.
We hear a speaker and have a hen session about what's current and creative ways people have found to make money- it's a GREAT way to get inspired and get CRACK-A-LACKING!

It's exiting because, for once, I feel like I have feedback on this crazy journey I'm on.
It will help me focus and perhaps stop all the internalized negativity creating alone can encourage.

I did manage to finish my first 2 Project Life spreads for 2013 this week.

I have sneaks because the pages will be going up over at the Scrap FX blog tomorrow and I want them to get full "splash" effect.
Need a quick finish option for naked chipboard?
WASHI TAPE, BABY! Just trim the edges after you stick it onto the design.
Scrap FX has a whole new design team.
I'd love for you to swing by and check out what they bring to the table.

Scrap FX newsprint frame finished with Prima chalk ink in "Attic Dust" grey.
Prima chalk inks quickly cover chipboard- primer isn't needed.
What I learned:
  • The most important thing a creative person needs, other than supplies, is SUPPORT. 

  • I can't say this enough! Put the love out there first. Really. Love and compassion first.
    Judgement and anger have their place but you only get what you put out.
  • Punching the corners out of your PL inserts is a drama all on it's own.
DON'T use this punch. Are you laughing at the photo?
Switching from large to small corners in one
 punch is a great idea! But this design lacks a "window" so you
 can see where your corner end up before punching- BIG problem.
 That shape isn't consistent either- you can't "mess up" on PURPOSE.
Fiskars has a GREAT customer service department but they can't fix
bad product design. Consider me schooled.
PS- I still love Fiskars and buy all their other products.
Me and this punch? Enemies!
  • From a fellow "Lifer" came the thunder striking idea to just take my journaling cards with me wherever I go. Write down what I feel when I feel it. The photos can stand on their own.
It's totally out of focus but I love my genuine smile.. and my hair.
Thanks for your continued support of this blog!
I love that you swung by!


  1. My new favorite words... hen session and Crack-a-lacking! Love! I think you will be sooo glad you have an official creative team. I started meeting up with 4 other artists a few months ago with the same purpose. Our meetings are incredibly helpful. Their support already makes a big difference for me. Yay Mariposa ladies!

  2. I tried to do PL last year, but dropped off around summer... I miss it, but doing it weekly because too much and now I feel it's too late in the year to start for 2013...???

    I wish I was a New Yorker! So bad!!!

  3. Oh I know what you mean...I've been a "LONELY" artist for the past 9 years because of where I tribe has been my creative FB friends. Enjoy your once a month meeting ;)

  4. You are so blessed to have that creative support Michelle!! I am a lone scrapper :( and I understand those negative thoughts that get in your head! I'm really enjoying these Monday posts from you....always thought provoking! Anyway, have a wonderful week! Glad you got some PL pages done!


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