Friday, August 17, 2012

Deconstructed Edge- A Punky Scraps Sketch challenge

Good Friday Morning happy people!

The latest Punky Scraps Challenge is all about deconstructed design.
By "deconstructed" I don't mean that I took a hammer to it.
Deconstruction as a style, plays with design norms and assumptions.
Here is a GREAT blog article on how it relates to fashion- major food for thought and written in a very clear and concise manner- Fashion Medium.

Needless to say trying to tackle this challenge was a lot harder than I thought.
It would help to have a really good handle on graphic design principles.
I'm still on a learning curve for those.

Here's the page:
Lots of "thought" went into this design. Can you tell? Needless to say there are much better practitioners of this style but I love it so I'll keep trying to get a full handle on it.  

I'm currently reading "Graphic Design for Non-Designers" by Tony Seddon.
It's kind of a hard read since he's talking about visual issues with minimal illustrations and examples.
If you have a better design basics book or website let me know ok?
Some detail shots:
A Flair for Buttons on Etsy "Moments" pin
Cocoa Daisy "You Are Here" stamp
Honey comb Flower stamps from Paper Source 
Can you even SEE the clear arow from Fancy Pants here?
Yeah I thought so- will have to think of ways to make that more visible.
I had some help in the fantastic sketch Nat provided but I'm not happy with the final result.
I wanted to redo the page for this entry- yeah no- I barely have time to write this very post!
Here's the sketch- why not join in?
Punky Scraps Challenge Blog
A fashion related sketch if I ever saw one.
I'm in NYC tour leader mode for this entire month which is why I barely have time to think.
Lots of family outings to random places which can be exhausting but so fun.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. Great layout, I've never heard of this kind of deconstucion sounds interesting. TFS!

  2. Wow! I think you did a fabulous job! You're so creative!

  3. Seriously- what's not to love about it? I think it's awesome!! I really enjoyed exploring for all the fun bits and pieces. In my opinion, you rocked it! NIce job!!

  4. I love this! It has such a fabulous design to it. yes, the arrow is a bit subtle, but I would leave it..

  5. I LOVE this, but then again I always love your pages! It is really fun to think about deconstructing the page design. Makes me think of those cooking shows where they deconstruct lasagna or something :) I noticed the arrow and think it looks great! You could, if you wanted, outline it with a very light grey marker. This gives things a fake "shadow" and might make it pop more. I also love that small map hanging out below all your layers. Really great design! I don't know about another design book... you would think I would since that is my background - LOL. But all that comes to mind from school and the basics are Gestalt and the Basil School of Design. Those might be worth a google... in fact I should do that as I learned about them before there was such a thing as google - Oi Vey!


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