Friday, June 1, 2012

The flyness of flair (buttons)

Guess how long I've been dying to add the word "fly" (as in AWESOME) to a post title?
Today I want to share a couple of pages that will be going up over at the A Flair For Buttons blog.
I. LOVE. Flair Buttons.
Thankfully mine come with no strings attached.
How NOT to use flair. Jennifer Anniston in Office Space. 
Guuurl I KNOW how you feel- work place MADNESS!
But that was then- this is NOW. (Now is ALL the awesome AND some sauce on the side).

First page up:
Sunday Sunshine Baby- that's my nephew Kaine when he was just a year old.
Materials: A Flair for Buttons woodgrain Days of the Week, Gauche Alchemy corrugated board, woodgrain punchinella and sequins, Sassafras Lass paper, stickers and die cuts, Crate Paper alphas and a Prima newsprint vine- oh and chevron and mini banner dies from "My Favorite Stamps".
How about this one?:
Capture Happy.
This was  a page I made for Gauche Alchemy last year and I remember thinking how I wish I had some plain white
word buttons- funny how life works out huh?
Materials: Gauche alchemy White mixed media color kit and clear punchinella, A Flair For Buttons Cameras flair pin and Word flair button, Happy pin from Joann's, Maya Road corrugated clouds and straight pins. 
I think you should swing by A Flair for Buttons blog and check out what the new Design Team (me included!) has come up with.
There is something for everyone- clean and simple scrappers, retro or altered item makers, romantic style scrappers, graphic designers of all types- Shelley has something for everyone.

Some project detail shots:
Mono chrome pages- I need to make more! They are FABULOUS.
I liked the plain wood print on the back of the letter "K" so I flipped it over but had to cut
parts off. It looks wonky but the color works. Sassafras!!! I MISS YOU! Come back! 
Brown cream and yellow together- it was by pure chance but I LOVE how the
girlie flower stuff got layered on there and the page is still pretty gender neutral.
Those A Flair For Buttons woodgrain days of the week? TOO AWESOME!
You go on and have a great weekend you hear?
My sister is in town- YAAAY!
We are gonna paint the town several shades of sunny yellow! I will take ALL the photos! And make ALL the happy sisters together pages. (woot!)
Keith Haring exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. This was my favorite piece. Someone
ripped the black subway poster backing right off the wall and took it home- smart cookie!
MuChOS SmOoChEs!


  1. awesome, awesome pages!!!

  2. Beautiful layouts and the journaling is so sweet. Have fun with your sis and stay out of trouble ;D

  3. Loved these so much i had to Pin both!

    1. Awesoooome!!! I guess I should go hunt them down? Gotta see gotta see!

  4. These are stunning layouts Michelle! I love the textures that you are able to create.

  5. É lindo demais as páginas,
    adoro tantos detalhes juntos.:) :)

  6. OK, seriously? Does the awesomeness ever end? Amazing!!! You have such a way of placing things on the page - it always looks so effortless. Gorgeous work!

  7. Michelle! I just finished a blog post for next week and I used a picture of Jennifer Anniston from office space! Great minds think alike! I love seeing everyone's stuff with the flair! Great layouts!

    1. Yes they do fellow AFFB team mate! Off to your blog to check things out!

  8. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO DO AN OFFICE SPACE FLAIR REFERENCE!! THANK YOU!! I love what you did here. Your pages are incredible. Make me want to buy a million more buttons. I know what you mean about sassafrass I have a big box that I am hoarding. I suppose I should dip into it every now and again.

    1. That photo was supposed to be moving! I loaded it in wrong! :) LOVE Office Space! One of the best movies ever!

  9. Those flair buttons are awesome! You rocked the layering on that first one, and the monochromatic redo with the flair "moved" me!

  10. Awesome pages! Your sunshine baby page is so cute and whimsical, and the monochromatic page is just beautiful!

  11. Before I could even read your post I had to go pin that Sunshine Baby layout! (But AFTER I recovered from laughing that you used the term "Fly" and the Jennifer Anniston .gif! I can always count on you for a good chuckle!) That layout is SO COOL! I spy some Cocoa Daisy in there--you should post to their gallery, too!

  12. amazing pieces of flair Michelle!! Now what about those TPS reports??

  13. Gorgeous layouts, Michelle. I love the second one, it´s fragile and light *yum*


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