Monday, February 13, 2012

Talking about Instagram- AGAIN.

Mondays are reserved for Project Life posts but this week I got distracted while putting the week's main theme 6 by 12 compartment together.

The entry was going to be about last week's visit to the Museum Of Natural History and the "Beyond Earth" exhibit.
We learned all about possible missions to Mars, terraforming the Moon, commercial space flight and the consequences of a large meteor strike on earth. I would like to forget that last bit- I'm highly strung as it is.

This is the result of last night's efforts:
If you're in NYC I suggest a day spent at the Museum of Natural History- stuffed animals, dinosaur bones, giant jewels, live frogs and butterflies- it's the best 10 bucks you'll spend while here. Bring snacks- the food court is expensive!
Materials: October Afternoon- Rocket Age Incoming Transmission and alphas, Basically Bare acrylic gear, Fiskars star punch in XL and L, K & CO Smash ticket, October Afternoon journaling spots, Crate Paper exposure paper (for border), Gauche Alchemy Punchinella in silver, 
I followed my own advice, let go of self imposed deadlines and went with the flow.
It was good to FINALLY use my stash of October Afternoon Space Age papers. I love the prints but didn't know how to incorporate their specific theme to my everyday life scrap style. 
Problem solved.
Now I realize I have a MILLION ways to use this paper!
SNEAK PEEK of tomorrow's post- a Valentine's Day card.
The abrupt change in project plans came when I took my customary Instagram boast shot. I hate to admit it but I guess it IS boasting to show you are currently scraping right? Ah whatever! Look at that awesome border!
This frame from the "Nashville" filter is awesome.
I don't like the overall bluish tone it adds so I rarely use it.
I like the tones here more than the ones I got shooting in the park.
I am now addicted to posting my crappy out of focus process shots on Instagram because I usually get immediate feedback from friends. If I see a couple of likes on a photo or a layout in-process I know the project is on the right track. 
My apologies to my followers who put up with my 15 plus images a day. 
I know it's considered spam now.
Subway tiles at the 81st street downtown B/C station. Lo-fi filter
I really do try to hold back but sometimes I forget to turn off the wi-fi connection on my ipod only to eventually exclaim- "OH NO! I'm BROADCASTING AGAIN!" which makes the Hubster give me his "Huh?? GET A LIFE WOMAN!" look. 
Ahh the pitfalls of social networking.
But really, who wants to see perfectly edited images every time? How do we learn from each other's process that way? I follow several pro photographers who obviously use Instagram to promote their business- more power to them- but for me- it's still a learning thing.
How else would I know bathroom mirror shots are de rigueur if not for
Instagram?? This shot was edited using the Halftone app.
Right now it looks like the primary thing you'll learn from my feed are:
  •  Lola likes to eat veggies
  •  I live in a place infested (beautified by!) graffiti artists. 
If you're into that kind of thing then you'll LOVE my feed
If you just think I need a better camera (or an actual iPhone) and some perspective leave a comment here because you just might be my new best friend.

Some detail shots:
Had to tell myself: PUT THOSE STICKERS DOWN- they're so versatile!
Basically Bare acrylic cog- can you see it?
Freaking AWESOME! I wish they had smaller ones. 
Finally used that OA Tin Pin- LOVE!
A plate of broccoli (
Gotta love it.
MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. If it is boasting, then I'm boastful ;)

    Love this layout!

  2. Me too! :) Add the Lola eating veggy shots and I'm one prideful woman.

  3. LOVE this LO! And it is fun I recognize one of those filters from glitter girl over at two peas - fun!

  4. i love those papers too. wish i had some! you made 'em work!

  5. Always so much fun stuff to read and look at here!

  6. Nice LO - I skipped those appers cause I didn't know what to do with them. I just remembered the Boy Scouts Space dErby today so now I think I can justify 1 or 2 LOL

  7. I was late on the instagram uptake but now that I have it I love it! Your insta-version your page looks that border too:) Oh I see the cog and it is can buy shrinky dink paper, cut it, bake it and get a smaller one if you want! (just a suggestion of course!)

  8. Oh, love how you used the OA papers! Fabulous layout!

  9. Love the LO, OA are one of my favs too!

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your comments were so nice :) I love the NYC Natural History Musuem and miss it so much, only got to take my son there once or twice. I think he would love it now. Love your photos and layout. I keep hoarding my rocket age stuff, it's too good..

  11. I LoVE LOVE loVE This! Awesome design, papers, and photo's!


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