Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Happy Heart day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
I've never had a problem with today as a holiday. When I was single I had a huge group of friends I would go dancing with and now that I'm married I have a husband I can "ask" (beg) to go get bagels for me as a present- it's been great!

I just heard a super interesting conversation on an NPR talk show and I wanted to share!

It was about improving the quality of your relationships and the primary thing the relationship expert said we should do: (wait for it- it's kinda obvious)
-Try new EXCITING things together. 
If you tend to go see Opera together try going on a hike. If you go hiking together go see an opera. The theory is that a good long term relationship requires intellectual stimulation to maintain the "spark" that first drew you together.
Dave's card. I had a lot of fun recycling the Maya Road packaging bubble for this
but the pinked edges of the photos inside refused to play nice- this is literally the
 only shot where you can see all 3- it took 30 minutes to get them to do this.
Word to the wise- don't pink the friggin edges!!
Dave recently helped me by shooting a video for Gauche Alchemy (I'm still trying to figure out how to edit it) and suddenly he "got it"- that I really love talking about art and shooting the video was a way for him to participate. 
Before the video his eyes would just roll to the back of his head whenever I started up. 
I can't get him to sit down and scrap (a good thing actually!) but this was a way for us to share. 
I just have to figure out a way to "share" in David's primary loves- RC helicopters, kites, telescopes and electric bicycles. 
Hmmm- I just realized how geeky we are. Perhaps it's time we go Kayaking or something.

If you want to take a listen here's a link: WNYC-RelationShow- it's funny as all get!

I also wrote up a funny article on Valentine's Day crafting for Gauche Alchemy- swing by if you have a few moments: Plastic, hot glue and you- Some do's (more don'ts)

To heck with happy family shots! It's nap time.
Have a GREAT day people. Hug the ones you love!

MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. happy Day! Great post - love that helping with the video made your guy appreciate your love of art! So, you have a kiter on your hands too, huh???

  2. What a cute card! I love the fun little bits!:)

    Love that Dave is helping you with your video...ask him to help you consruct a helicopter using scrap supplies...lol

  3. Your family photo made me smile! And this is SUCH a unique and cool LO!!!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! Cool card Michelle, my fav part is the sewn letters and how it included all of you:)

  5. Happy V-Day to you too, Michelle! (hmmm..hope that doesn't sound like an STD ha ha!) Thanks for the fun post!! Really sweet card too (and thanks also for the awesome comments you left on my blog....you're a BLAST:)

  6. haha I found you :)) Cool card Michelle everything you do is the best.. your all over ahahha I'll find you at Punky now.. Thanks for all your hugs!!! :) Love your blog niiiice!!

  7. ahhhhhh - share the love! very sweet little coming together story and oh how i LOVE this shaker card! You are awesomeness personified! oh and hey, embrace the geek :-) x x x

  8. This is such a great post! So happy to hear you had a good day :)

  9. Love your post! Dave is such a keeper! My hubby WOULD NEVER! He would film and roll his eyes the entire time..looking at his watch letting me know he has THINGS TO DO! I love that he helped you! Is the video up yet? Will he help you again? Was the baby asleep? I can't wait to see it! I love the layout...I do not see the BUBBLE, unless you are saying that the middle of the layout that everything is under the bubble like a kaleidoscopic? FANTASTIC! Love it! You are getting your green wings today!

  10. This card is such a unique idea. He must have loved it. Thanks for sharing it :)

  11. Fun layout! After 30 years of marriage, sometimes exciting is having nothing on your social calendar and just being able to sit around together! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, much appreciated!

  12. How sweet is that! Dennis really does support me a whole lot, that makes me feel good. And I support him with his running. Love what you did to create the card. And thank you about Paper Issues...are you still in the FB group? I haven't check out Gauche in awhile...always love seeing your work!

  13. I never even thought about doing a shaker card or layout before seeing this on ga! You are so creative and I love the fact that you guys were able to connect through this!


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