Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Making room for ONE- A True Xoxo Girls challenge

One of my few "goals" for 2012 os GET ORGANIZED and REDUCE because frankly- I'm tired of my scrambled self.

I cleared out all the scrap stuff from the kitchen table so we can now sit and actually eat as a family again. Dave made me 2 shelves so I can put away major pieces of equipment (and my mountain of Thickers) while I use the now former architecture table to scrap. Pix to come later.

Like they say here in Brooklyn- It was BANANAS, YO!
I worried Lola would get hurt by a falling "Whale of a punch" or slip on a wayward piece of Sassafras Lass paper.

So my SECOND goal for 2012 is 30 dollars a month for scrap shiz. That's it.
It will be AWFUL.
I will do a lot of complaining and feeling sorry for my broke assed self.
DO NOT tell me "Oh it's ok to treat yourself Michelle."
I have already treated myself to 10 years worth of paper goods and wouldn't you know? It looks just like garbage when piled up or shoved hastily into boxes.
Costly garbage.
Rainbow glitter garbage.
And then I make things worst by producing things like this:
True Xoxo Girls Challenge Page for January
Materials: Basic Grey paper, Sassfras Lass scallop strip, Crate Paper Peppermint collection chipboard, Pink Paislee canvas strip, wood veneer snowflake from Crate and Barrel, Making Memories envelope, Martha Stewart Punch Arround the page burst punch (love!) October Afternoon red alphas, Fiskars small heart punch
It's not all bad, a first draft if you will. But really truly- I liked this month's True Xoxo challenge.
The theme is ONE. One ribbon, one title, one photo- a few DT members took it further and made pieces with one color or one manufacturer. It's a GREAT challenge- can you scrap "simple" beautifully?
I wanted to but my lack of organization killed it.
Actually this page took a LOT of effort. I got a stress headache from my frustration.
Seriously! I FINALLY understand the concept of Chi and why people paint their doors red and refuse to store things under their beds. I felt my energy, my power, my scrappiness (???) flowing elsewhere-
Ahh you say- "A psychotic break..."
No one was hurt in the making of process other than that Xoxo page. YIKES!

A wise person once said... (I am paraphrasing here as I can't remember the actual words):

I believe they were talking about important things like prejudice or grudges but I took it  to concrete heart and threw out so much crap I scared The Hubs who's now REFUSED to participate further.
He's lived with me for 13 years- he recognizes the mad glint in my eye.
More importantly, he knows I'm coming for his 80's music collection!
"Let the music play?" HELL NO! Shut it, sister!
What's in the Salvation Army bag?
Baby blankets, clothes from when The Lolster was 6 months old! It's OUTTA HEAH!!!
Dusty bicycle parts, bank "swag" water bottles, empty photo albums! GONE!
Summer clothes in size 8! Summer clothes in size 10!
Summer clothes PERIOD!!! PARA AFUERA baby!

AAAAhahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa! cackle cackle. WHOOOOOOOO!

Tip for reusing those 3D cinema glasses you "forgot" were in your pocket:

So I found myself searching online for 2012 winter CHA sneaks. I already have a list 20 items long.
See?  SEEEEE? PROBLEMS (multiple!!)!

MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. Haha! So much to love in this post!
    a) my Wednesday scrapbooking secret is that I haven't bought a scrappy thing in... ready for it?... 6 months! Even a trip to Hobby Lobby only produced a new razor knife and a few letters - that was it! I'm having a blast using my stash (and clearly I'm not currently worried about having the newest and latest kits, lines and manufacurers. I miss having them, but it was easier than I thought it would be.)

    I was going to say Get On It with the cleaning, but I'm so glad you have!

  2. wonderful page...i think it looks great aeven if you were scrap blocked :)

  3. actually, 30 bucks a month is a lot! I don't buy stuff monthly so maybe I'm wrong....I am on a spending "Restriction" for 90 days soooo I can't wait to get to a charity event on the weekend and scrounge the FREE Table! I am in my studio now, making up Counterfeit kits and organizing pretty things too...one of my projects this week is the TRUE XOXO challenge-I've been away too long and no matter what you say, your LO is awesome!!!

  4. ps-wacky glasses are always a hit in our house!

  5. Ja, ja! te entiendo Michelle! Yo tengo un area para scrapbooking pero cuando comenze en esto, trabajaba como tu desde la mesa del comedor y terminabamos como la cultura china comiendo en el piso...lol!!! y es mas dificil inspirarse cuando las cosas no estan en un sitio fijo. En mi area de scrap puede haber un revolu pero yo se donde esta cada cosa. En cuanto a lo $$$$ eso si q es dificil si nos apasiona este hobby, yo tambien voy a hacer ajustes al respecto...como todavia no se pero tratare...lol!!!
    Me encanta la foto de tu chica con los 3D glasses...chulisima!!!
    Me encanta las locas costuras q hicistes en tu pagina te quedo SUPER COOL!!!!
    Happy New Year!!! A Lot of Blessings!!!

  6. I love your page!!! And I SO get ya...I'm like that! :)

  7. I love this page! The crazy stitching is perfect and the photo is too sweet! I'm with you on the budget thing...been on a no spending phase for a while. I managed some smooch spritz last month and they are almost all gone so now I'm mistless...and that means that I have lost all desire to create! (ok, I'm being a little dramatic)

  8. I love this layout! The texture is awesome!

    As for purging and getting rid of stuff, I agree. I am the biggest hoarder when it comes to everything! I need to conserve with the scrapbooking goods too...I have so much, and always think I need to go buy tons of the newest things out there. It is an addiction I can't control!!!

  9. You are so hard on yourself! That LO is awesome! I love it! I have been on a purging frenzy too. I think cuz it's the new year partly, but also I really feel the need to simplify.


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