Thursday, December 29, 2011

Favorite Project of 2011!

I love these posts!!! I like reading other people's posts and I like trying to choose just 10 projects for mine. This year I went for 12- 1 for each month.

This made me feel so much better about my "talent". My love of graph prints is in full effect and obviously I will NEVER be a clean and simple scrapper- even though I strive to be so.

And so, in no particular order:
Sketchy Thursdays January  GDT application page- I was so sad to see I had missed the deadline to vote!
Voting challenges are hard for me because I hate asking people to vote- it seems so conceited- not that I
mind voting for my friends when asked which is kinda two faced right? ;)

This page came outta NOWHERE and firmly established Sunshine Broadcast as my favorite collection
ever- how I'll miss Sassy! It got picked up by several websites- it's time for me to start submitting for pub calls- if I can keep the due dates straight!
This is also from a Sketchy Thursdays sketch- love the radioactive quality the colors took on when
I shot the page in blue tinged shadow.
From a sketch provided by a website I no longer remember- this was so FUN and I really love that
I finally used my apple picking shots from 2010.
This was made way back in January of 2010- it's messy and much more genuine than some of the forced stuff I do now.
Favorite photo of my Mom- she looks so beautiful here. I'm excited about her next step- her upcoming retirement- wish I could buy her a trip to Australia as a present.
Studio Calico winner for second week of June- Vee left a comment and I almost died-
she's one of my FAVE artists ever along with Emily Pitts and Sasha Farina. FANGIRL!
This was for my DT application for Elle Studio- naturally I got nowhere as it's a little naive but
I love the girlie colors and the photo- my Lola was so vulnerable at this point.
I made this for this year's Paper Issues Blog hop- it's about the culling of Canada Geese in NYC parks- something I deeply disagree with. I made this page in 30 minutes!!!! I STILL can't believe it.
By the way- there's a great Numbers challenge up this week- swing by and check it out:
A page for the True Xoxo Girls November challenge- love the clean design of this and Ormolu is SO AWESOME! When they have a DT call I am SO applying! Check us out!
This was a page for Punky Scraps- I used a roller to get the mist to spread evenly- this was the first time I actually made a PUNKY page for them. Swing by and check out this month's latest challenge:
This is my first Gauche Alchemy project. I write for their website so I no longer have much scrapping time but I love their funky products check out the BLOG and ARTFIRE STORE.
Before I forget- Carmina of PasigMom fame has asked that I tell you 10 THINGS ABOUT ME.
Here goes:
1. I used to be eat cherries by the pound but I'm now allergic to whatever they put in them to keep the bugs away- WAAAH!
2. I like writing this blog as much as I like actual crafting.
3. No white hair yet but I see the frown lines and wish I had the moolah to pull a Nicole Kidman.
4. I love Terry Pratchett, zombie novels and Batman comic books.
5. I can be annoying. I am aware of the problem and work on it constantly.
6. I love the colors red and pink together.
7. I'm a paper hoarder- wish I could say I wasn't- really.
8. I use scrapbooking as a way to develop my photo skills and technological knowledge.
9. I've made more friends and had more fun doing this than any other hobby I have ever taken up.
10. I like plants. (smiling)

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. Why would you want to be a clean and simple scrapper when these are such interesting, colorful and fun projects? I loved looking at these -- each one of them is unique and creative!

  2. These are among my favorites of yours as well. I have never wanted to be clean and simple...maybe that is a metaphor for my life. LOL. We can be sisters in paper hoarding. Wear it like a badge! Woot!!

  3. Hi sweet !!!Those are such great and each one is so perfect to me I love the way you use the colors!!!!
    Thank you so much for be such a great and dear friend and for all the lovely comments you have written in my blog in 2011!!!
    I wish a wonderful 2012!!.
    Big huges and kisses with much love.

  4. Ooh! I just love all these layouts... And I know what you mean about being a fangirl, cuz I'm one too...!

  5. These are absolutely fantastic! Happy New Year!

  6. Great Year in Review! At first I thought you had narrowed down to your ONE FAVE of 2011, and I was like, "Whoa! I don't think I could pick just ONE of Michelle's layouts! They are all so interesting, full, beautiful, from the heart." So I was extra happy to see this juicy post just scroll on with amazing layout after layout. Looking forward to your creativity in 2012! (And a humble thank you for posting comments over on mine! ;))

  7. Hiya, girl! Thanks so much for picking up the tag!

    And, yes, don't change a thing. I love your scrapping style, girl! And your photos are always so heartwarming.

    Hope you're having an awesome holiday season and wishing you and your loved ones a great new year ahead!


  8. These are all awesome! Great picks! :)

  9. All I can say is that you amaze me! Such beautiful creations, you are one talented chica! Happy New Years!

  10. fabulous projects! you are certainly quite talented!!!

  11. Your pages are fantastic!!!! Great job!

  12. Thank you for commenting on my recent post! I'm not one for new year resolutions either, and I refuse to call PL12 a new year resolution. Try the Momento app. You might just like it ;)

  13. I think that there were some of these that DEFINTELY "Needed" to be submitted for pub....loved them and so will copy this for my blog this week!! They don't call me "CopyKAT" for nothing! Love the facts about you too-you'd be sad to know that KAT don't do plants; there is not a single one in my house!

  14. omg, I have ate a pound of cherries a day for 3 straight days! That survivor page is my fave! I think it is totally DT worthy.

  15. Whoa! These are pretty awesome pages Michelle! My fave is Art and Photos....just love how whimsical and fun it is...very visually stimulating.

  16. Love these pages. You are like me in some ways. I admire the clean and simple scrapping but grunge always sneaks in there. Think we should just admit we are grunge artists but can admire the clean and simple from afar!

    Love that list too! Completely agree with what you say about this bobby and about the blog writing :)

  17. OMG I am SO bookmarking this post just for the lush inspiration! You totally rock my crafty socks Michelle!!! SUBMIT! They'd be all over you!

  18. Michelle you are beyond rocking my world!!! Love your kite page that one is so outstanding!!
    Yes Chica I take all my own pics and I occasionally use a tripod for the family one's.
    You know we should def get together in NY this Spring my kids would love a weekend away, we could explore the city and I'd get some pics of you and your lil one!!! I won't say now b/c they'd freeze their poor buns off!!

  19. Wonderful projects, Michelle!! many great details!
    Love 'this is me' page, your photo is pretty.
    Take Care girl!!

  20. They are all amazing!! I think "art" is my favourite! :-)
    If you like to see my list it's here:


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