Friday, October 7, 2011


My goal for today is to make you laugh. That would be the only reason to share the two hideous projects I made before I finally got to my Punky Scraps collage project for this week's challenge.

First is the final design which I like a lot and will be trying again as the resulting color is really exciting:
Failure is key
MATERIALS: WRMK card stock, tissue paper from Natalie Malik on Etsy, Alphas from Cosmo Cricket, coffee stain stamp from Cocoa Daisy, Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher and paint from Kaiser Craft.
Thank you so much Natalie Malik! I recently won her grand prize give-away which totally came at the right time.
Mostly because I got this:
Hand made "How To" zine from Natalie that totally saved my life last night.
Buy it if you'd like some great tips on collage with tissue paper.
Photo courtesy Natalie Malik.
A great handmade "zine" that taught me how to actually glue tissue paper without ruining my project. I also won two beautiful hand made bookmarks and a great pack of ephemera that included the tissue paper I used above.

If you want to see someone make modern and lovely collages with real technical mastery please visit Natalie's blog Awkward and Beautiful.

This is the first time I ever try collage. I avoid anything truly artsy- not because I don't like artsy stuff (I LOVE artsy) but because it requires a level of knowledge and control over technique I have not reached yet.

Before you think this is me beating myself up again please wait till you see what I did before Natalie saved my scrappy butt.


AAAAA! This is me trying to use some scraps left over from a cool previous project and having "fun" with textures and shapes. I like the colors and the repeated straight lines but this is a HOT summer mess.
Ok now for the real hum-digger.
Please block your children from seeing this.

This horribly BIOLOGICAL piece sprung from two thoughts:
Though number 1: I want to make a commentary on the images of women in fashion- I will sew the outlines, fill in the photos with paint and write "Not me, not now, not ever.. and that's ok" on it.

Before I could fully execute thought number 1- this happened:
Though number 2: OOO this glue would make for great texture!

EEEEEEEEWWW! Never should the two meet! I'm embarrassed to share it except this is supposed to be a real deal blog right? Hideous craft failures and all.

I would like to point out I'm not a complete hack. I recognize when something is too awful to show- except as entertainment here in this blog.

Now that I've either shocked you into silence or made you laugh derisively please head on over to Punky Scraps and join the October challenges. This week's is all about collage. I'm hoping you will learn as much as I did.
Current Favorite Toy- this is a family blog after all.
MuChOS SmOoChEs!


  1. I was voice calling someone and trying to read this post at the same time - that did NOT work. I was like, WHAAAAAAT? What is going on?!
    But now I've re-read the post...there's only one thing for it - I'm breaking a cherry here - LMFAO!!!
    Were you thinking of Kat von D's interactive tattoos when you made this? :-D

  2. ps what the hell is BREAKING a cherry? I meant POPPING of course :-/

  3. You always make me laugh! I have to tell you, though, I think your idea BEHIND the fashion commentary collage is brilliant. As well as making me laugh, you also make me THINK! I love that about your blog. I think that collage is worth a second try. I think the stitching around the femmes is a cool idea!

  4. I popped over from PS because I really liked your tissue paper layout - now I really like you for making me laugh and sharing the craft fail :)

  5. You crack me right up! I found this very entertaining, even at your own expense of failure lol. I love the story behind making your page, fun!

    Those hand drawn looking embellies on my page are cut outs, that I outlined with a black Sharpie!

  6. You gotta like this too since... well... it works even if it doesn't work as you intended. :) And I insist on you continuing both "fails". Bet they will be awe. :)

    Love your collagelayout with the blocks and bits. Great enhancement with hand stiching.

  7. I have to agree with Lisa. I think the thought and idea behind that second collage is definitely worth revisiting.

    The straight lines collage looks like it may just need some "tying together". You have a great thing started, it just doesn't look quite "finished".

    Your finished piece is awesome! The color blocking on the first piece is great! I think you got it "right" that time because you stuck with what's YOUR style.

    I think that's why I'm having a hard time on my piece. My brain is flooded with images of AMAZING pieces and trying to measure up to that standard, which as a beginner, is totally unrealistic.

    Thanks for the inspiration.....and the laugh!

  8. mwahahaha!!! You make me giggle.....a lot.
    Love them all - they all have potential to be great....even the glue one ;)
    Love your final design and that wee book by Natalie is to die for!!!


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