Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Teething, Flu shots and separation anxiety- OH MY!

Impatience runs deep within my family- why wait when you can get it all done NOW so you can get back to reading "Emma"?? (For the 5th time!) Knowing Lola had that particular string of letters within her genetic code I should not have been surprised to see not 1, not 2, but FOUR new teeth. Add three "12 month" vaccinations, her rising separation anxiety and you've got THE PERFECT STORM. 

I've heard Moms talk about it but being an ignorant firsty, I always thought they were exaggerating. Silly human!!! My normally quiet, smiley and self soothing tot is now a nexus of dissatisfaction and seething rage I didn't think I was going to experience till AT LEAST year 12. Put her down- CRY, Pick her up- CRY. Bottle? CRY. Raisins? CRY. Beans and avocado (her fave)- CRY!!!!! CRY CRY CRYYYYYYYY!! What kind of of Momma am I? DO SOMETHING!!!! Sing! Dance! Cry along? Pass out in terror? 
It's been hard but I don't have 4 teeth cutting my gums to ribbons so I don't get to complain. WOMAN UP chica!!!!

Then Grandma visits and thank goodness- SILENCE. Giggles, pitter patter- peace.

So this entry was SUPPOSED to be about my newly invented BEEF STEW but I've decided to give a huge HUGE shout out to my FABULOUS Moms instead. My Mom Teresa and my Mom Reyna. These women are awesome Abuelas. Patient, gentle, accepting, FIERCE defenders of Lola in ways I can only aspire to match. I watch in awe- women who don't smile at my cheesy antics LOVE my baby- love her wholly and unconditionally. It's such a blessing to see that and know that they looked at my husband and I that way too- once- before we cut school to hang with our boyfriends (me) or came home puking drunk with our high school buddies (him). So last week, (before THE EVIL happened) I made a page for each and I tried to include things I knew they would like- lace, flowers, and the colors pink and blue. Love you Mom. Love you Reyna!!!!
3 bellas Nietas. Para Reyna- una Grandma sin igual.

Just The 2 of Us. For my Mama whom I love and appreciate with all my might!!

Thank you- gracias!!



  1. Blog looks great my friend!!! So fun!!!! Gorgeous los too!!

  2. Love the blog! The layouts are beautiful!!

  3. It doesn't matter if she's your first or fifteenth...not being able to soothe your child can drive ANY Mommy insane!!! Praise God for Grannies, right???

  4. Cute Layouts! Love the tiny photos you added to them, they are very cute and make you look more attentive at the page =) The edges accents and ribbons are great too!
    Good job!


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