Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Me and my father- it's complicated

Papa, cundo pasara? My Dad and I March 1975

Sometimes I look at Lola and I try to imagine how we'll relate when she's 13, 15, 18 and into her 20's and 30's. Will we fight? Will she perplex and annoy her extended family with her ideas or behavior? Will my idea of unconditional love be tested? Yes, Yes, Yes I believe.
How scary.
How can I raise a well adjusted yet assertive person? Someone who strives to "get along" but can also yell STOP if she's not comfortable? Will I allow her to make her own decisions and mistakes? Will I be a "helicopter Mom"?

That's my current relationship with my Dad. Complicated and perplexing. We don't speak. I love him. I miss him. But I don't CALL him. How sad. How strange. But I feel like he's not interested in me, my problems, my ideas, my family and I resent that I always have to be the one to say I'm sorry.
So this is a message to my Dad. And a reminder to myself on what mistakes have already been made and need not be repeated.
Papa, cuando pasara?

Ok so the subject is heavy but the actual piece isn't- why? Not sure. I wanted a piece I could scan (hence the 11 by 8.9 size- oops!) and I wanted to use up some of my favorite scraps left over from previous projects. Here you see  pieces of pearl swirls fro Basic Grey Zva Creative and Prima, burlap ribbon, Anna Griffin flocked paper and a canvas textured brown background paper from DCWV pad that I got from Marshall's for like 5 bucks.

OOH that reminds me... This weekend I went shopping- at Marshall's- and found SWELL tape for a DOLLAR. That's RIIIIGHT- a dollar. I was about to plunk down 10 buckaroos the day before but slowly backed away from the counter. I am SO GLAD I DID!!!

I TOTALLY CHEATED the stitching- it was so crooked I laughed my ass off when I saw the final piece. I photoshoped the upper and right hand sides completely and frankly I'm just as proud of the photoshop retouching as I am of the stitching. which is funny considering the TITLE OF MY BLOG!
hee hee heeee.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!!

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  1. I hope these LOs are cathartic for you. It is really refreshing to find something of value in a mire of fake flowers and plastic sentiments. Love that about you! :)


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