Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Inspiration Elevator- Scrapping those Selfies

Ah the maligned selfie.

I've dropped quite a few Instagram accounts because the content is almost all "selfie".
Not just selfie which can be totally fun
but exposed tatas selfie.
Or duck face selfie.
Neither says anything genuine- or rather it says entirely too much- all negative.

I think women should fully own their image.
As story tellers it's crucial, we wield the camera and write down the details.
If we don't make sure to turn that camera around once in a while we will be invisible in our own story.
Regardless how we currently feel about our physical state, our children enjoy seeing us smile and celebrating life.
It sets a good example to love ourselves as we are.
Even better- it measures how far we've come when we've decided to change something.

This month's Inspiration Elevator challenge is- take a selfie!

I like scrapping selfies because they make the creative process easier.
I can focus on my current feelings or on a story I want to tell- not on trying to find matching embellishments for a theme page.

The page below was all about my feelings on moving.
I had some really cool chipboard and a neon pink Jet Blue luggage tag but that's it.
I could have used some travel themed printed items but since my feelings were mixed up this seemed more appropriate.
neon scrapbook page
Scrap FX tags and chipboard. I used the PhotoBooth app to make a strip but since that's hard to print without
Photoshop and a home printer I made it into a 4x4 on Instagram and used my local Walgreen's for the print.

 What is Inspiration Elevator?

The purpose of the Inspiration Elevator challenge group is to take our scrapbooking to the next level, to stretch our creative process and to mature as artists by embracing challenges that make us think, work and grow.

You can view all of the challenges at the Inspiration Elevator Blog. 

This month we are celebrating our anniversary with a BLOG HOP!

So be sure to hop from blog to blog below as some of our designers are offering prizes! We also welcome Katherine Sutton as a guest designer to Inspiration Elevator! Katharine has Guest Designed for us and her fabulous style will inspire you to take your scrapbooking to a new level!

Now for our Challenge:

It's a 2-part challenge since it's created by Christa and Ann!

The first part of the challenge is to use a selfie. We are all a part of social media to some extent, so selfies are everywhere. "Call it another trend in narcissism, or call it art, but the "selfie" has become a mainstay of our virtual identity." 
Here are a couple articles for taking a good selfie, if this makes you uncomfortable (as it does for me - A)

The second part of the challenge is this: 
This month we'd like you to share something about scrapbooking. It could be why you scrapbook, what you love best, what you get out of it, your most amazing experience or, where you see your craft/hobby/art in the future. 

Remember to hop around to the other blogs and see what out designers have created and what prizes are up for grabs! (Be sure to read the instructions as each designer has her own requirements to win!)

I hope you feel inspired to play along with our challenge this month, and when you do, please share it using the linky tool on our Inspiration Elevator blog and/or our Inspiration Elevator Facebook page. We'd LOVE to see what you made!

self portrait
This is totally about my new haircut. Taken 2013.

Have a great week!


  1. I do love your selfies Michelle and always your designs! You really do tell your story in such a raw and honest way. I envy your ability to connect to it in such an eloquent fashion AND make your designs so amazing.

  2. super cool page and love love your fun style!!! rockin design!!!!

  3. Gorgeous Michelle I love the colours and the paint - beautiful.

  4. So so good...I love how you use your pages as a method to process what is going on in your life...so honest and VERY cool! All your details on the page just take the reader on a journey with you...very cool!

  5. Such a fun and interesting page! I love the color choice and all the details!!
    Joanne xo

  6. Amazing work! Love the paint! Xoxo!

  7. This is gorgeous Michelle. Love that mix of pink and black and your journalling is... I want to say just lovely if that's OK x

  8. A ver y cool and inspiring page Michelle. Love the colors, the graphic look of the page and yes most of all, the selfie :-) Thank you for great inspiration.

  9. I love how artsy this page is with the black and grey and pops of pink. It's like the pink hints at optimism and the grey describes the sadness of leaving NY. Your selfie is gorgeous. So many great elements on here. Swoon!

  10. Love how you used pink on your layout!

  11. love how you shared your feelings through your colors and design. fabulous layout!

  12. Love how you added the pops of pink to your black and white layout. Beautiful page!

  13. Love the color scheme! Beautifully done! :-)

  14. This is awesome!! Love the pops of pink!!


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