Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Change- on going for it. Also, my opinionated self is back.

I'm down to the last few days here in New York City.
On saturday I will be leaving for Salt Lake City with Miss Thang in tow.
We will be very happy to be reunited Dave.
Apparently there are many nasty storms coming this weekend?
I foresee fun times stuck at the airport with a crabby Lola.

We'll see if my residence is permanent in Salt Lake City.
I am tempted by the idea of having a backyard and a vegetable garden to worry over.
Perhaps if I can focus on my carrots I will stop being so neurotic over my scrapbook pages.
Can you grow carrots successfully in the SLC summer?
The climate seems rather severe- AHA! A challenge!

I will admit I have huge HUGE concerns about moving.
The first and foremost is diversity- of all kinds.

I am very comfortable in Brooklyn where if you swing a hoola-hoop you will hit someone from a random and fascinating part of the world you've always wanted to visit. 
And a young person who grew up in the midwest but is now running around wearing ironic 80's hair band t-shirts, ripped jeans, thick framed glasses and a mustache.

I'm not sure what I'm reacting to so negatively.
I've traveled lived in Oklahoma City, Detroit, Denver and even a tiny town in Texas where the movie theater was a 20 mile drive "into town".
I liked all those places.
Perhaps it's the reality that I will most likely not return to New York which is now the most expensive city in America.

Salt Lake City is beautiful and lively.. and COLD... and SNOWY... and spread out in all kinds of distressing ways which never include public transportation.
I will be trapped in the home we are staying until I learn to drive.
The last time I visited there weren't any sidewalks because it was assumed everyone drove.
There is another place that does that.

It is my opinion that you are a true New Yorker if you do the following things:

  1. You know what a Egg Cream is and you take the subway to some random neighborhood in Brooklyn because "it's the best one around". You can substitute pupusa, canoli, bagel or curry goat for egg creams which are also popular in Baltimore and Philly.
  2. You've pushed hard to get into the crowded subway train car at 8:45am expecting to get to work on time. Actual physical distance of work to home be damned.
  3. You hate LA. 

Los Angeles is the anti- New York. 

A vast shinning wasteland of stuck-in-traffic cars, smarmy "agents" looking for the next rap video girl (this actually happened- I'll tell you about it someday- and yes- I declined), smog and people INSISTING they are happy because they sun sets there.
No one walks in LA unless it's in some strange gym machine that takes up half a room.

Life is best where you are happiest, where you feel most productive and centered.

It is my deeply held belief that I will be happy wherever Dave and Lola are.
Ok so there won't be decent pizza or Polish pastry available.
I think that might be ok too.
I can try to make my own right? (hanging question mark- we all know that ain't happening)

A scrap page:
Perhaps I wasted this gorgeous thick Crane's paper meant for
fancy wedding invites? It really would have taken press embossing well.
Materials: Scrap FX graphic circle and Playground alphabet set, A Flair For Buttons "yes!" button,
Sassafras Lass sticker, My Mind's Eye enamel dots, Webster's Pages triangle paper, My Mind's Eye pink
striped paper, My Mind's eye alphabet sticker sheet. Numbers stencil from Plaid. Yellow plastic
triangles from Freckled Fawn.
Layering doesn't have to be a million little things.
Here I created a grid background with a few sheets of
leftover sticker sheets. It goes alphabet sticker sheet,
journaling sticker, black paper to cover journaling lines that were distracting,
"Go for it" sticker from Jillibean Soup, Sassafras heart, title.
The trick is to try to choose items that have at least 1 color similar and
vary the edge shapes.
Stenciling things into the backgrounds also helps- if you make a
"mistake" it's easily covered by your layers.
A quick sneak peak of what's coming on saturday- Inspiration Elevator reveal day:
Dang it- I have to get a better shot.
The challenge is "Before and After" and you have to do a LOT of journaling.

Just as I leave, a new park opens- Bushwick Inlet Park
The views of the Empire State Building are INCREDIBLE-  check it out.

This was taken with my crappy ipod camera. Can you see the rain falling in the Bronx to the right?
 SEE MOM? TOLD YA! The weather is different borough to borough! We just had really cool waves.
This place is AMAZING.

Have a GREAT week everybody!


  1. That's a huge move and girl, you've got guts! I feel your pain. I love Boston and I am a New England girl through and through... it's in my blood. But housing prices are insane here and my husband would move us in a heartbeat. It's probably the biggest strain in our relationship but I just hate the idea of leaving my heart's home. I hope your move goes well and your new home is everything you want and more!!

  2. it's a huge move and will be a big transition but it's all part of a bigger journey that you aren't in control of....relinquish and just do it!!

  3. Oh, my, I think of you as my window to New York (where I've never been) and I'm surprised to hear you are moving. You're right that wherever Dave and Lola are is home. I too went from Big City (Chicago where I also grew up with wonderful divsersity) to a small town in TX, then on to Japan, Denver and Florida. I adjusted and thrived and you will too. You seem to have an adventurous spirit, and I bet you'll embrace all sorts of new experiences! Hope to follow your new adventures here on your Blog.

  4. Wow, what a huge life change! Best of luck to you :) :)
    Awesome page, too, of course, as well as your photos!

  5. I just found out about a cool place up there Dead Horse beach? (Did I say that right?) PLeasepleasepleasepleaseplease tell me you've been there?

    You are so very brave. I am the opposite at the moment - we live in a very rural area (actually a little island) and I always feel very tiny and small... and lost when I go to London but part of me wonders what it would be like to live there, to have everything on your doorstep - the shows, the museums, the art... but my heart is in Scotland and I would love to "go home" one day. Honestly I can't ever see us moving so far from my dad and Craig's Mum. But it's a dream to go back permanently.

    Good luck Michelle - and I adore that page with all the journalling. What a thing to record for your bub to look back on when she's older.

  6. Gorgeous layout and interesting post!!! All the best to you!! :D :D

  7. Oh Michelle, I am a fan. Your witty humour and the way to see the world is so refreshing from a small-town Canadian girls perspective where most Canadians change cities or towns but usually live in their home province until they retire. (then we occasionally move to Florida or Vancouver!)I envy you your moves and lives in exciting (or not so exciting) places. I know you will make your time in Salt Lake a rich one creatively and personally. How can you not? YOU being you!
    On a side note, I love the yellow on your design.The bright shades of colour truly shake me a very very good way. You always have a way with design (insert envious sigh here). XO Safe journey, my friend.

  8. I adore your page. it is everything that scrapbooking modern should be !

  9. When I need a HUGE smile. I know right where to go! HERE! I love your wit, humor, and truth. I love that about your writing. Love. IT! Be safe, and enjoy getting settled in lovey.


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