Friday, June 28, 2013

A remote post!!!

Hello from Salt Lake City!

I wrote a whole post and added a bunch of photos but forgot to hit save!

It's 103 degrees today!
Isn't that awesome? 
I feel baked.
My skin is literally cracking from the dry air and hard water.
But this is an adventure right?
(Say yes)

Last week I got to cross an item off my "bucket list" (that over used term finally applies to me)

Some pix: 


Not to mention:

The nights at Yellowstone were FREEZING! 30 degrees!
Hello??? It's june!
But whatever,  it was awesome.

There are many more photos but they will have to wait until I figure out how to post lower resolution photos via my iTouch.
I hope this isn't slowing your browser down....

My first SLC scrapbook page:
Ooo I can't choose how big these photos will appear on the blog post... Or write proper captions! 

Feedback please.

I took the photo of this page using the "Afterlight" photo app so I could control the resolution (800x800 dpi) but for all I know it will look tiny compared to the monsters above that I uploaded using my iPod  photostream. They are the highest resolution available since I want to be able to print reasonably good looking photos.

I'm using the free blogger app- it's not very detailed and I can't seem to add links- bad for SEO...
Oh oh- none of my images are optimized either- no one will ever find this post!! GAH!!!

For my page I used:
Scrap FX pirate pack (compass)
 Scrap FX white tags
Scrap FX pointing fingers packI 
flair from A Flair For Buttons 
A FABULOUS new stencil from Natalie Kalbach's Stencil Girl line.
The chevron stamp is from a fantastic Etsy shop- DrumChickDesigns. 
The stamps are hand carved and mounted on thin wood for optimum storage and usability.
Love her shop!
(PS- II'm not affiliated with this business at all. I was impressed with the spectacular customer service and thought it should get props.)

I really hate not being able to add photo captions. This is Nat's background stencil. The 9x12 design is really easy to use. I like to include borders in my stencil play so this smaller size is fun for my style.

Let me know what you think about this post.
Did  it load quickly? 
Do you care about personal trip photos?

Did remote posting work?

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Fabulous photos, looks like you're having a brilliant time!
    Lovely fresh with the white & yellow, love the mask!
    Your post loaded up really quickly for me :)

  2. The photos have all posted the same size on my screen - lovely and clear and I was able to click on the scrapbook to enlarge and nosy at your journalling. (Hugs to you x) The page took the same time to open as usual and I click open on multiple tabs when I'm browsing blogs so - you know - pretty quick.

    I always, ALWAYS love seeing your personal pics, America is somewhere I am desperate to visit but (due to Craig's fear of flying and lack of dosh) wont be going to any time soon so I live through you Michelle. Post more!

    And finally - I love that page and I love that you promote the little shops as well as the big ones :)

  3. I haven't been to Yellowstone since I was 15...I am now 49! lol Love seeing baby girl running around ....the beautiful scenery....I know the weather is crazy hot one second and cold at night...but wow...I love that part of the country!!!! Time to breathe and adjust...I think you will grow to LOVE it! Posting went perfect..load time no issues! :) Hand carved stamp etsy???? definitely going to check this out!!!!! Stencil girl is going to blow it away this year! I mean girl...look who is designing and on their creative team!!!! lol Enjoy your weekend Michelle!

  4. Love the post, love the picts! I am personally not a huge fan of captions on the photos - I love just seeing the pict and reading more about it either below or above the image :) SO.... this worked great! It loaded quickly and the images look good! Looks like you guys are having fun adjusting to your new life. Stay safe in this heat wave!!!

  5. Post looks good and no problem loading.

    I enjoy your photos! :D Looks like you're having a good time :)

  6. Your LO is crazy amaaaaaaazing!!!! Love love it.....!!! As well as all your pics of your new location...!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. No problems here :-) Pictures are gorgeous and love that you like to share.
    Great LO by the way

  8. Awesome photos, fabulous page!! LOVE your stencil work, looks really cool!

  9. Oh how I love this post!!! Yellowstone is on our family bucket list as well so seeing it through your eyes makes me long for it even more!! Its really tough to find time to travel when you own your own kennel business - one of the many sacrifices. We're hoping perhaps this year before our oldest graduates high school! O.o Gosh how did that happen already??! I adore your page with all the yellow!!!!! Such a great design and I really delight in shadow pictures. So happy you're enjoying your adventures in your new home area. Its an adjustment I'm sure, but sounds like you're making the best of it. :D

  10. Such a beautiful post- I love Yosemite love your pictures!!! And ohhh I love your layout- so cool! Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. Great blogpost Michelle. I love seeing your everyday life images.
    The download was just like normal, no slowing down.
    Cool scrapbookpage.


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