Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where in the world has Michelle been? Fun news!! Also? Shooting scrapbook pages in the dark of NYC apartments


I've been working on a big project and it required lots of my brain power just to keep calm.

What's the big news?

Tomorrow I will be featured over at!!

My post will be called:
 5 ways to finish chipboard by Michelle Hernandez (or something in that vein.)

When I got a peamail from Shimelle three weeks ago I was completely gobsmacked (lol!- sister who lives in the UK- can you tell?).

I have ZERO idea who's looking at my work half the time so when ANYONE contacts me I'm all
"Wait... You sure you mean Michelle Hernandez?"

I suspect I have a very enthusiastic suporter out there- thank you!

While perusing Shimelle's blog I spotted a favorite scrapper of mine.

Please check out Ashley Oliver's (SoaphouseMama) post:

I've never really talked about how I shoot my projects.

If you read regularly you know I live in what most people would call a closet- a square space about 400 square feet.

There are windows here but they face another building- this is New York- Apartment sunlight is for the rich and famous.

How do I usually shoot my photos?
This is very rare. I tend to shoot my projects in the fire escape because people WILL stare
when they see me hanging scrapbook pages up on waterfront concrete. I wanted a pretty city
scene for my Shimelle feature which required I shoot horizontal oriented staged project photos.
I love staging my projects but staging requires SUNLIGHT. I had to go outside-
and it was windy- so I dropped my original plan to shoot on an easel and went with this instead.
I was looking through my photos when I spotted this, the only photo where you see the
scrapbook page before the wind blew the easel down.
I credit ZipDry for keeping everything in place even as the page fell off the table 30 times.
Needless to say shooting 5 projects when they insist on FLIGHT is not optimal conditions for sanity.
Wait! I DID blog about this before!
Here is a card I shot in my fire escape (the ominous bars) using Crate Paper as a "floor"
since the fire escape bottom is also bars.
Major problem with this? You can TOTALLY have your project blown into the river from here.
I usually shoot everything in a box.
Have a great weekend.Nationa Scrapbooking Day is coming up!

SO gonna SCORE (at Joann's)!!!!




    Clear enough? ;)

  2. Your page is awesome Michelle!
    I love going through here is so full of colors and ideas :)

  3. What awesome news! Yay for you :) :) very well deserved, too!

  4. Congrats on being featured !!! Love your projects, they are super cool

  5. OMG, you are so funny! One of my layouts blew away once - in the middle of winter, in my yard. I had my slippers on and had to go back inside for shoes before tromping out in the snow to save it. Good times. : )

    Congrats on your post for Shimelle. I'm sure it's going to be awesome.

  6. Oh GOODY!!!!! This post was a riot to read - so fun! AND - congrats!!!! So deserved and can't wait to see what you did!!! Also, thanks for the sweet shout-out :)

  7. I like the picture of the layout, family and building in the background!

  8. AWESOME!!! Love this post so much! Brilliant work!!! :D Love the projects and the way you photographed them!

  9. wow, just found your blog rom Shimelle. Love your work. Wish I could get messy, have all the tools, paints etc but just too nervous to try!

  10. Belated Congratulations :D I love all the various ways you shoot your photos. It gives me a real sense of somewhere I would dearly love to visit from the perspective of someone who lives there rather than the touristy stuff on the TV. I adore that beach shot and the one with the (what are those things called) googly eye viewer and buildings in the distance.

    I have no doubt you were gobsmacked because you really don't seem to realise just how crazy talented you are. Bet you're chuffed to bits though ;)


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