Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Inspiration- Getting Modern at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Happy friday folks!

This week my family has been on a New York City whirlwind adventure.
Yesterday we visited The Metropolitan Museum's' modern art wing and stumbled upon the AWESOMEST exhibit EVER!

Seriously if you are in town this is THE exhibit to go see.
Wonderfully inspiring and totally edgy.
The galleries alone are worth a walk through- never mind the fantastic couture by big names like Alexander McQueen.
I wish I had dared to take some photos but it's not allowed- I was scared we would get thrown out.

After you check THAT out PLEASE make your way over to The Brooklyn Museum for

Ghanaian artists El Anatsui makes huge and gorgeously woven wall hangings out of scrap metal, plastic and wood.
Traditional and wonderfully cutting edge all at once, this exhibit is at the Brooklyn Museum till August 4th.

Here are the pix from our trip to the Met:

"Alquimia XIII" by Olga De Amaral
Linen, rice paper, gesso and gold leaf- WOW!!!
Sorry for the crappy iPod photo- I was running through the gallery trying
to keep Lola from attacking the art.

Georgia O'Keeffe for some neon color combo inspiration.

El Anatsui at The Met- see how big his works are?
I's so wonderful to walk right up and see how he weaved the elements together.

Jasper Johns- monochrome inspiration- I HAVE to try encaustic painting at some point.
I'm sorry- I was too rushed and didn't get info on this but isn't it awesome!!!
Jackson Pollock- I just love the ENERGY in his work.

Before I forget!
Swing by the store and pick up all the gorgeous flair buttons you've been considering.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Tres chic. Of course my favorite had to be the one with no info.

  2. michelle, i'm so jealous! i bet that punk to couture exhibit was fab. we saw jean paul gaultier's exhibit when it came to dallas in 2012. my fave pic you showed here was the artwork with the ladder. ps. you were awesome on paperclipping. :)


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