Friday, March 1, 2013

TGIF!!! A Cityscape scrapbook page

Hello there!

I wanted to share a page I almost threw in the garbage this week.
With my track record that usually means everyone will like it.
Not fishing for compliment,
just admitting that I don't have all the answers (obviously! LOL!)

The new Crate Paper DIY Shop line has me DROOLING!
I combined it with a couple of older favorites from Jenni Bowlin.
The final effect seems dreary.

Let me know what you think ok?
My Leica is at the shop FINALLY getting cleaned (after 2 years of sticky buttons) so I shot this page with my husband's iPad. It's incredibly difficult to shoot straight with one of those plate-like things. I did my best.
Materials: Jenni Bowlin Tickets paper, Crate Paper stripes paper, CoreDinations Jenni Bowlin embossed paper,
A Flair For Buttons Project Life flair and arrows flair, Crafter's Workshop Urban Landscape stencil,
banners from Basic Grey and Maya Road, Prima Stamp Press and black chalk ink, Ranger black crackle paint,
Montana white paint marker (which turned green when I used it over the Ranger crackle paint. It wasn't dry yet)

How in the WORLD does Anna Maria Wolniak get all that water color paint on her pages without warping her paper????
Between the gesso and the uneven machine stitch my page is more of an S shape.
And that K & Co washi? 
Love the print but the darned thing can't lay down flat even with stitches AND Zip Dry holding it down.
Adding the buttons and the twine was a last minute idea.
I love how the final page looks finished without a lot of
my usual last minute fussy cutting of random elements.
My goal for 2013 year is to sharpen my technique skills.
I want to be able to cut a script word with my Cameo and stitch the center following the font.
I'm a LONG way from my goal! 
Then again, if  I were to throw this out for "mistakes" it would have lasted all of 5 minutes. 
Literally every step involved a screw up that I had to FORCE myself to overlook.
One thing I love about it is the diagonal border. 
I could do that to every single one of my pages and never have enough.
Buttons are RAD!!! On everything!

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. this is just awesome!

  2. UHHH HELLOOOOOO!!!! I am totally loving this!! The buttons, the stitching, the calander paper?!!! AWWESOME!

  3. Oh, its not calander paper...what is it? Love it!

  4. Loving the sunset and how it all came together as your main focal point : D.. I love it !!

  5. You crazy girl, I LOVE this page! The buttons and stitching are just wonderful. But... I have had some mad, trash-throwing moments in my day as well... we are artists though, and we are wonderfully moody, aren't we? !

  6. The skyline detail is fabulous!

    Okay, why paper curls: The fibers that make up paper are wood. Wood soaks up water. When you wet one side of the paper, the fibers on that side expand as they fill up with moisture, pushing each other around, and since they can't spread out any other way they push along the grain and curl. BUT! if you wet BOTH sides of paper, the expanding and contracting and pushing around happens on both sides and they counteract each other.

    Next time you want to do wet media on a paper that's not meant for it (i.e. most scrapbook papers), try "painting" (or misting) the back of the paper with a light coating of water, first, then work your magic on the front. You may still need to press it between a couple of heavy books depending on how wet it gets and the quality of the paper, but you'll end up with a flatter finished product overall.

    Incidentally, this is why watercolor paper has that great, pebbly texture: the hills and valleys give the fibers some wiggle room, lessening the tendency for the paper to curl. (And clamping the paper down doesn't hurt, either--art boards have clips and top and huge rubber bands on the bottom to keep things from moving around OR bowing.)

  7. OMG!! Yous so could not throw that away, crazy girl. It's amazing. The skyline, all those buttons, I just LOVE it!! x

  8. What a wonderful, wonderful page!! Just adore every bit of it!!! The photo is gorgeous and its not too dreary at all! I must reinforce what Scraps said and I think we chatted about this before.... what you do to the front you do to the back and it helps immensely....obviously you only take that so far - can't be slopping paste on the back of stuff but when it comes to wetting things down yuppers give it a little misting on the back to help out the front - if you heat dry - do both sides to even it all out in the end. Really helps....won't be perfect but will be much better. Anyhoo, I adore this page!!!! :)

  9. Can I add I adore you new style as well!!! :) xo

  10. I really love it! Glad you didn't get rid of it.

  11. I also love it! The details and the textures are perfection and I love the placement of the little banner elements. As far as the warping... I am pretty sure that people like Anna Maria DO get warping, they are just able to "hide" it a bit in the photograph. I bet if you look at her pages in real life, they have warping too :)

  12. Now why in the world would you throw this away?!? It's mixed media, geometric NY awesome!! Thank goodness you came to your senses ;)

  13. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Love everything about it. I bet it's so tactile up close. Strokey, strokey.

  14. OMG! Listening 5 min in to PaperClipping Podcast and totally in love with your work! Thank you for contributing to the world of scrapbook. It is refreshing to see your work. May I ask where you purchased your I <3 NY embellishment? Is it veneer or paper? Working on a NYC Minibook and that would be perfect!

  15. Love this, glad you decided not to toss it


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